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Burdensome Herculean, Annoying, Arduous, Backbreaking, Besetting, Bothersome, Crushing, Cumbersome, Cumbrous, Demanding, Distressing, Effortful, Encumbering, Exacting, Exhausting, Exigent, Forced, Grievous, Grinding, Grueling, Hampering, Hard-Earned, Hard-Fought, Harsh, Heavy, Hefty, Impedimental, Impeding, Impeditive, Incumbent, Irksome, Killing, Labored, Laborious, Lumpish, Massive, Onerous, Operose, Oppressive, Overburdensome, Painful, Plaguey, Punishing, Strained, Strenuous, Superincumbent, Taxing, Toilsome, Tough, Troublesome, Trying, Tyrannous, Unwieldy, Uphill, Vexatious, Wearing, Wearisome, Wearying, Weighty, Worrisome, Worrying