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Burrow Abri, Anchor, Antre, Be Incognito, Beat The Bushes, Billet At, Bivouac, Bore, Bunker, Camp, Cave, Cavern, Colonize, Come To Anchor, Couch, Cove, Covert, Croodle, Cuddle, Delve, Den, Dig, Dig Out, Dike, Disappear, Domesticate, Dredge, Drill, Drive, Drop Anchor, Drop From Sight, Dugout, Earth, Ensconce, Establish Residence, Excavate, Excavation, Explore, Forage, Form, Foxhole, Frisk, Furrow, Go Into Hiding, Go Through, Go To Ground, Go Underground, Gouge, Gouge Out, Groove, Grot, Grotto, Grub, Hide, Hide Away, Hide Out, Hive, Hole, Hole Up, Hunt, Inhabit, Keep House, Lair, Lie, Lie Close, Lie Doggo, Lie Hid, Lie Low, Lie Snug, Live At, Locate, Lodge, Look Around, Look Round, Look Through, Lower, Masquerade, Mew, Mine, Moor, Move, Nest, Nestle, Nose Around, Nuzzle, Park, People, Perch, Play Peekaboo, Poke, Poke Around, Populate, Pry, Quarry, Relocate, Remain Anonymous, Research, Reside, Retire From Sight, Roost, Root, Run, Sap, Scoop, Scoop Out, Scrabble, Scrape, Scratch, Search, Search Through, Set Up Housekeeping, Set Up Shop, Settle, Settle Down, Sewer, Shovel, Sink, Sit Down, Sit Tight, Smell Around, Snug, Spade, Squat, Stand, Stay At, Stay In Hiding, Strike Root, Subterrane, Subway, Take Cover, Take Residence At, Take Root, Take Up Residence, Trench, Trough, Tunnel, Warren, Wear A Mask