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Bystander Tv-Viewer, Abutter, Adjoiner, Attestant, Attestator, Attester, Beholder, Bird-Watcher, Borderer, Cojuror, Compurgator, Deponent, Drugstore Cowboy, Earwitness, Eyewitness, Gaper, Gazer, Gazer-On, Girl-Watcher, Goggler, Immediate Neighbor, Informant, Informer, Kibitzer, Looker, Looker-On, Neighbor, Neighborer, Observer, Ogler, Onlooker, Passerby, Perceiver, Percipient, Seer, Sidewalk Superintendent, Spectator, Spectatress, Spectatrix, Swearer, Tangent, Televiewer, Television-Viewer, Testifier, Video-Gazer, Viewer, Voucher, Watcher, Witness