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Byword Adage, Ana, Analects, Aphorism, Apophthegm, Apothegm, Appellation, Appellative, Axiom, Binomen, Binomial Name, Burning Shame, Butt, Byname, Byword Of Reproach, Catch Phrase, Catchword, Cliche, Cognomen, Collected Sayings, Cry, Cryptonym, Current Saying, Denomination, Derision, Designation, Dictate, Dictum, Dirty Shame, Disgrace, Distich, Dupe, Empty Title, Epigram, Epithet, Eponym, Euonym, Expression, Fad Word, Fair Game, Figure Of Fun, Fool, Game, Gazingstock, Gnome, Goat, Golden Saying, Handle, Honorific, Humiliation, Hyponym, Jest, Jestingstock, Joke, Label, Laughingstock, Low-Down Dirty Shame, Maxim, Mockery, Moniker, Monkey, Moral, Mot, Motto, Name, Namesake, Nomen, Nomen Nudum, Oracle, Parable, Pet Expression, Phrase, Pithy Saying, Precept, Prescript, Proper Name, Proper Noun, Proverb, Proverbial Saying, Proverbs, Reproach, Saw, Saying, Scandal, Scientific Name, Secret Name, Sentence, Sententious Expression, Shame, Shibboleth, Slogan, Sloka, Sobriquet, Stock, Stock Saying, Style, Sutra, Tag, Target, Tautonym, Teaching, Text, Title, Toy, Trinomen, Trinomial Name, Verse, Victim, Vogue Word, Watchword, Wisdom, Wisdom Literature, Wise Saying, Witticism, Word, Words Of Wisdom