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Cache Asylum, Backlog, Bank, Bolt-Hole, Bosom, Bottle Up, Bundle Away, Bury, Coffer, Conceal, Concealment, Corner, Cover, Covert, Coverture, Cranny, Cubby, Cubbyhole, Dark Corner, Den, Deposit, Dugout, Embosom, File, File And Forget, Foxhole, Funk Hole, Hide, Hide Away, Hideaway, Hideout, Hidey Hole, Hiding, Hiding Place, Hoard, Hole, Hutch, Keep Hidden, Keep Secret, Lair, Lay Away, Lay Down, Lay In, Lay In Store, Lock Up, Lodge, Nest Egg, Niche, Nook, Pack Away, Plant, Put Away, Recess, Refuge, Reposit, Repository, Reserve, Reserve Fund, Reserve Supply, Reserves, Reservoir, Resource, Retreat, Salt Away, Salt Down, Sanctuary, Savings, Seal Up, Secret Place, Secrete, Sinking Fund, Something In Reserve, Squirrel Away, Stash, Stockpile, Store, Store Away, Stow, Stow Away, Stow Down, Supply, Undercovert, Unexpended Balance, Vault, Warehouse