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Calcimine Apply Paint, Bedaub, Bedizen, Begild, Besmear, Brush On Paint, Chalk, Coat, Color, Complexion, Cover, Dab, Daub, Deep-Dye, Dip, Distemper, Double-Dye, Dye, Emblazon, Enamel, Engild, Face, Fast-Dye, Fresco, Gild, Glaze, Gloss, Grain, Hue, Illuminate, Imbue, Ingrain, Japan, Lacquer, Lay On Color, Paint, Parget, Pigment, Pipe-Clay, Prime, Shade, Shadow, Shellac, Slop On Paint, Smear, Stain, Stipple, Tinct, Tincture, Tinge, Tint, Tone, Undercoat, Varnish, Wash, White, Whitewash