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Calculation Adding, Aforethought, Amount, Answer, Appraisal, Appraisement, Approach, Approximation, Arithmetic, Arrangement, Assessment, Assize, Assizement, Attack, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Calculatedness, Calculus, Canniness, Care, Careful Consideration, Carefulness, Casting, Caution, Cautiousness, Charting, Ciphering, Circumspection, Computation, Conception, Contrivance, Correction, Count, Counting, Deliberate Stages, Deliberateness, Deliberation, Design, Determination, Determining, Device, Discretion, Disposition, Enterprise, Envisagement, Estimate, Estimation, Evaluation, Expectation, Express Intention, Expressness, Figure, Figuring, Footing, Forecast, Foresight, Forethought, Game, Gauging, Gingerliness, Graphing, Ground Plan, Guardedness, Guidelines, Hedge, Hedging, Heed, Heedfulness, Hesitation, Idea, Instrumentation, Intention, Intentionality, Judiciousness, Layout, Lineup, Long-Range Plan, Mapping, Master Plan, Measure, Measurement, Measuring, Mensuration, Method, Methodology, Metric System, Mindfulness, Operations Research, Organization, Pawkiness, Plan, Planning, Planning Function, Prearrangement, Preconsideration, Predeliberation, Predetermination, Prediction, Premeditation, Preresolution, Prior Consultation, Procedure, Product, Program, Program Of Action, Prudence, Prudentialness, Quantification, Quantization, Rating, Rationalization, Reckoning, Regardfulness, Result, Safeness, Safety First, Schedule, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Scheme, Scheme Of Arrangement, Setup, Slowness To Act, Solicitude, Strategic Plan, Strategy, Survey, Surveying, System, Systematization, Tactical Plan, Tactics, Telemetering, Telemetry, Tentativeness, The Big Picture, The Picture, Thoroughness, Totaling, Toting, Triangulation, Uncommunicativeness, Unprecipitateness, Valuation, Wariness, Way, Working Plan