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Calculator Ca, Cpa, Comptometer, Abacist, Abacus, Accountant, Accountant General, Actuary, Adding, Adding Machine, Analog Computer, Arithmograph, Arithmometer, Auditor, Bank Accountant, Bank Examiner, Bookkeeper, Calculating Machine, Cash Register, Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Clerk, Comptroller, Computation, Computer, Controller, Cost Accountant, Cost Keeper, Counter, Difference Engine, Digital Computer, Electronic Computer, Estimator, Figurer, Intriguer, Journalizer, Listing Machine, Machinator, Maneuverer, Manipulator, Pari-Mutuel Machine, Quipu, Reckoner, Recorder, Registrar, Rule, Schemer, Slide Rule, Sliding Scale, Statistician, Strategist, Suan Pan, Tabulator, Tactician, Wire-Puller