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Calf Brahman, Dry Ice, Indian Buffalo, Ankle, Aurochs, Bayonet Legs, Beef, Beef Cattle, Beeves, Berg, Birdling, Bison, Bossy, Bovine, Bovine Animal, Bowlegs, Buffalo, Bull, Bullock, Carabao, Catling, Cattle, Chick, Chickling, Chicky, Cnemis, Colt, Cow, Critter, Cryosphere, Cub, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Cow, Dogie, Drumstick, Duckling, Fawn, Firn, Fledgling, Floe, Foal, Foreleg, Frazil, Frozen Water, Fryer, Gamb, Gambrel, Gigot, Glaciation, Glacier, Glacieret, Glaze, Glazed Frost, Gosling, Granular Snow, Ground Ice, Growler, Ham, Heifer, Hind Leg, Hock, Hornless Cow, Ice, Ice Banner, Ice Barrier, Ice Belt, Ice Cave, Ice Cubes, Ice Dike, Ice Field, Ice Floe, Ice Foot, Ice Front, Ice Island, Ice Needle, Ice Pack, Ice Pinnacle, Ice Raft, Ice Sheet, Iceberg, Icefall, Icequake, Icicle, Jamb, Jokul, Kid, Kine, Kit, Kitten, Knee, Lamb, Lambkin, Leg, Leppy, Limb, Litter, Lolly, Maverick, Milch Cow, Milcher, Milk Cow, Milker, Muley Cow, Muley Head, Musk-Ox, Neat, Nest, Nestling, Neve, Nieve Penitente, Ox, Oxen, Pack Ice, Piglet, Pigling, Podite, Polliwog, Popliteal Space, Pullet, Pup, Puppy, Scissor-Legs, Serac, Shank, Shelf Ice, Shin, Shoat, Sleet, Slob, Sludge, Snow Ice, Snowberg, Steer, Stems, Stirk, Stot, Stumps, Tadpole, Tarsus, Trotters, Weaner, Whelp, Wisent, Yak, Yeanling, Yearling, Zebu