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Call On Adjure, Advocate, Appeal, Appeal To, Apply To, Beg, Beseech, Bid, Blandish, Cajole, Call For Help, Call The Signals, Call Upon, Charge, Circulate A Petition, Clamor For, Coax, Command, Commission, Conjure, Crave, Cry For, Cry On, Cry To, Declare, Decree, Dictate, Direct, Drop In, Enjoin, Entreat, Exhort, Give An Order, Give The Word, High-Pressure, Impetrate, Implore, Importune, Imprecate, Insist, Insist Upon, Instruct, Invoke, Issue A Command, Issue A Writ, Jawbone, Kneel To, Lobby, Look In, Mandate, Memorialize, Nag, Obtest, Ordain, Order, Order About, Pay A Visit, Petition, Plead, Plead For, Plead With, Pray, Prefer A Petition, Press, Pressure, Proclaim, Promulgate, Pronounce, Push, Recommend, Rule, Run In, Run To, Say The Word, See, Sign A Petition, Soft-Soap, Stop By, Stop Off, Stop Over, Sue, Supplicate, Sweet-Talk, Urge, Visit, Wheedle, Work On