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Call Angelus, Angelus Bell, Ddd, Accompany, Address, Adjuration, Adumbrate, Alarm, Alarum, Allurement, Animal Noise, Ante, Ante Up, Antecedents, Apostleship, Apostrophize, Appeal, Appeal To, Appraise, Appreciate, Approximate, Ask, Ask For, Assemble, Assess, Attend, Attractiveness, Augur, Awake, Awaken, Back, Baptize, Bark, Barking, Base, Basis, Battle Cry, Bawl, Bay, Beck, Beck And Call, Bell, Bellow, Beseechment, Bet, Bet On, Bid, Bid Come, Biddance, Bidding, Bill, Birdcall, Blackmail, Blare, Blat, Blate, Bleat, Bray, Bugle Call, Busy Signal, Buzz, Cackle, Call, Call Away, Call Back, Call Down, Call For, Call Forth, Call In, Call Off, Call On, Call Out, Call Together, Call Up, Call Upon, Call-Up, Calling, Calling Forth, Cancel, Care Of Souls, Carol, Cast Lots, Castigate, Caterwaul, Causation, Cause, Cause And Effect, Caw, Challenge, Chastise, Chatter, Cheep, Cheer, Chirk, Chirp, Chirr, Chirrup, Chitter, Christen, Chuck, Cite, Clack, Claim, Clamor, Clang, Class, Cluck, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Collect, Come By, Come Over, Command, Compulsory Military Service, Conjure, Conjure Up, Conscript, Conscription, Contribution, Convene, Convocation, Convoke, Coo, Cover, Croak, Cronk, Crow, Cry, Cry Out, Cuckoo, Cut Lots, Cut The Cards, Define, Demand, Demand For, Demand Payment, Denominate, Denote, Designate, Determinant, Determinative, Dial, Dial Tone, Direct Distance Dialing, Discontinue, Draft, Draft Call, Drafting, Drain, Draw, Draw Lots, Draw On, Draw Straws, Drawing Power, Drop In, Drum, Dub, Dun, Duty, Duty Visit, Element, Elicit, Engraved Invitation, Enlist, Enlistment, Enrollment, Entitle, Entreat, Entreaty, Estimate, Etiology, Evaluate, Evocation, Evoke, Exact, Exaction, Excuse, Extortion, Extortionate Demand, Factor, Fade, Fetch, Figure, Forecast, Form An Estimate, Formal Visit, Foundation, Gabble, Gaggle, Gamble, Game, Gather, Gauge, Get, Give A Ring, Give An Appreciation, Give Tongue, Give Voice, Gobble, Good Reason, Ground, Grounds, Grunt, Guess, Guggle, Hail, Halloo, Hang Up, Hazard, Heavy Demand, Hold The Phone, Holler, Hollo, Holy Orders, Honk, Hoo, Hoot, Howl, Howling, Hurrah, Identify, Imploration, Imploring, Imposition, Impost, Imprecation, Impressment, Indent, Induction, Insistent Demand, Inspire, Invitation, Invite, Invocation, Invocatory Plea, Invoice, Invoke, Issue An Invitation, Judge, Justification, Knock Up, Label, Last Post, Lay, Lay A Wager, Lay Down, Levy, Listen In, Local Call, Long Distance, Long-Distance Call, Look In, Look Up, Lot, Low, Lure, Mad Round, Make A Bet, Make A Call, Make An Estimation, Mark, Match Coins, Material Basis, Mating Call, Measure, Meet A Bet, Meow, Mew, Mewl, Miaow, Mobile Call, Mobilization, Moo, Moose Call, Muster, Muster Up, Name, Necessity, Need, Neigh, Nicker, Nickname, Nod, Nonnegotiable Demand, Note, Notice, Notification, Obligation, Obsecration, Obtestation, Occasion, On Call, On Duty, Option, Order, Order Up, Page, Parlay, Pass, Pastorage, Pastoral Care, Pastorate, Peep, Person-To-Person Call, Petition, Phone, Phone Call, Pick Up, Pip, Pipe, Place, Play, Play Against, Play At Dice, Play The Ponies, Plea, Plunge, Pop In, Portend, Postpone, Postulate, Prayer, Preconization, Preconize, Predict, Presage, Press, Priesthood, Priestship, Principle, Prize, Prognosticate, Prophesy, Pule, Pull, Punt, Put, Put And Call, Quack, Rabbinate, Raffle Off, Rally, Rallying Cry, Rank, Rate, Ready, Reason, Rebel Yell, Rebuke, Recall, Reckon, Recruit, Recruiting, Recruitment, Reprimand, Reprove, Request, Require, Required Visit, Requirement, Requisition, Reveille, Right, Ring, Ring Off, Ring Up, Roar, Rogation, Roll, Round Up, Rouse, Run In, Rush, Rush Order, Sacred Calling, Scold, Screak, Scream, Screech, Seduction, See, Selective Service, Send A Statement, Send After, Send For, Serve, Shoot Craps, Shout, Shriek, Shrill, Sing, Social Call, Social Round, Social Whirl, Solicit, Song, Specify, Speculate, Sport, Spread, Squall, Squawk, Squeak, Squeal, Stake, Stand Pat, Station-To-Station Call, Stimulus, Stock Option, Straddle, Strap, Stridulation, Strip, Style, Subpoena, Substance, Suit, Summon, Summon Forth, Summon Up, Summons, Supplicate, Supplication, Tag, Taps, Tax, Taxing, Telephone, Telephone Call, Term, The Church, The Cloth, The Desk, The Ministry, The Pulpit, Tinkle, Title, Toll Call, Toss, Tribute, Trill, Troat, Trumpet Call, Tweet, Twit, Twitter, Ultimatum, Ululate, Ululation, Upbraid, Valuate, Value, Vaticinate, Visit, Visitation, Visiting, Vocation, Vociferate, Wager, Wail, Wake Up, War Cry, War Whoop, Warble, Warning, Warrant, Whicker, Whine, Whinny, Whistle, Whoop, Within Call, Woodnote, Yammer, Yap, Yawl, Yawp, Yell, Yelp, Yip, Yo-Ho, Yowl