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Calmness Buddha-Like Composure, Oriental Calm, Abnegation, Abstinence, Ataraxia, Ataraxy, Awelessness, Calm, Calm Disposition, Calm Of Mind, Composure, Conservatism, Constraint, Contemplation, Continence, Control, Cool, Cool Head, Coolheadedness, Coolness, Countenance, Dispassion, Easy Mind, Evenness, Expectation, Gentleness, Golden Mean, Happy Medium, Icy Calm, Icy Nerves, Impartiality, Imperturbability, Imperturbation, Indisturbance, Inexcitability, Iron Nerves, Judiciousness, Juste-Milieu, Law And Order, Lenity, Lucid Stillness, Marmoreal Repose, Meden Agan, Mental Composure, Middle Way, Mildness, Moderateness, Moderation, Moderationism, Nervelessness, Nerves Of Steel, Neutrality, Nirvana, No Nerves, Nodding Acceptance, Nonamazedness, Nonamazement, Nonastonishment, Nonmarveling, Nonviolence, Nonwonder, Nonwondering, Nothing In Excess, Order, Orderliness, Pacifism, Peace, Peace And Quiet, Peace Of Mind, Peacefulness, Philosophic Composure, Philosophicalness, Philosophy, Phlegm, Placidity, Placidness, Prudence, Quiescence, Quiescency, Quiet, Quiet Life, Quiet Mind, Quietism, Quietness, Quietude, Repose, Rest, Restfulness, Restraint, Sangfroid, Satori, Self-Abnegation, Self-Control, Self-Denial, Self-Restraint, Serenity, Silence, Silken Repose, Sleep, Slumber, Sobriety, Soothingness, Stability, Steadiness, Steady Nerves, Steady-Handedness, Stillness, Strong Nerves, Temperance, Temperateness, Tranquillity, Unamazedness, Unamazement, Unastonishment, Unexcessiveness, Unextravagance, Unextremeness, Unimpressibleness, Unnervousness, Unruffledness, Unshakiness, Unsurprise, Unsurprisedness, Untremulousness, Via Media, Wise Passiveness, Wonderlessness