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Camp American Party, Anti-Monopoly Party, Babbittry, Bull Moose Party, Communist Party, Conservative Party, Constitutional Union Party, Democratic Party, Democratic-Republican Party, Farmer-Labor Party, Federalist Party, Free Soil Party, Greenback Party, Know-Nothing Party, Konzentrationslager, Labour Party, Lager, Liberal Party, Liberal Republican Party, Liberty Party, National Republican Party, Populist Party, Progressive Party, Prohibition Party, Republican Party, Socialist Labor Party, Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party, Tammany Hall, Thalia, Tory Party, Whig Party, Affected, Anchor, Arlequinade, Artificial, Artless, Bad Taste, Barrack, Barracks, Billet At, Bivouac, Bivouacking, Black Comedy, Body, Bourgeois Taste, Box, Breakaway Group, Broad Comedy, Burlesque, Burletta, Burrow, Cabal, Cabin, Caboose, Camarilla, Camp Out, Campground, Campiness, Camping, Campsite, Campy, Cantonment, Casern, Caucus, Circle, City Hall, Clan, Clique, Colonize, Come To Anchor, Comedie Bouffe, Comedie Larmoyante, Comedie Rosse, Comedietta, Comedy, Comedy Ballet, Comedy Of Humors, Comedy Of Ideas, Comedy Of Intrigue, Comedy Of Manners, Comedy Of Situation, Comedy Relief, Comic, Comic Muse, Comic Opera, Comic Relief, Concentration Camp, Cot, Coterie, Cottage, Crash, Dark Comedy, Detention Camp, Division, Domestic Comedy, Domesticate, Drive Stakes, Drop Anchor, Effeminate, Encamp, Encampment, Ensconce, Establish Residence, Ethnic Group, Exaggerate, Exaggerated, Exode, Extravagant, Faction, Farce, Farce Comedy, Farcical, Flamboyant, Flaunt, Flounce, Genteel Comedy, Go Camping, Group, Ham, Harlequinade, High Camp, Hive, Hobo Jungle, Hut, Impropriety, Inappropriateness, Inartistic, Indecency, Indecorousness, Indecorum, Indelicacy, Inelegance, Inelegancy, Ingroup, Inhabit, Interest, Interest Group, Keep House, Kitsch, Light, Light Comedy, Lines, Live At, Locate, Lodge, Low Camp, Low Comedy, Machine, Major Party, Mannered, Maroon, Mime, Minor Party, Minority Group, Mob, Moor, Move, Multiple Party System, Musical, Musical Comedy, Nest, Offshoot, One-Party System, Opera Buffa, Opposition Party, Ostentatious, Outrageous, Outre, Park, Party, Party In Power, People, Perch, Philistinism, Pitch, Pitch Camp, Political Machine, Political Party, Poor Taste, Pop, Pop Culture, Populate, Posture, Prance, Pressure Group, Raw Comedy, Realistic Comedy, Relocate, Reside, Ring, Romantic Comedy, Roost, Rough It, Satyr Play, Sect, Sentimental Comedy, Set, Set Up Housekeeping, Set Up Shop, Settle, Settle Down, Settlement, Shack, Shanty, Show Off, Showy, Side, Silent Majority, Sit Down, Situation Comedy, Slapstick, Slapstick Comedy, Sleep Out, Splinter, Splinter Group, Splinter Party, Squat, Stand, Stay At, Strike Root, Strut, Take Residence At, Take Root, Take Up Residence, Tastelessness, Tent, Tented Field, Tenting, Theatrical, Third Party, Tragicomedy, Tragicomic, Two-Party System, Unaestheticism, Unaestheticness, Unbecomingness, Unfittingness, Unseemliness, Unsuitability, Unsuitableness, Vocal Minority, Vulgar Taste, Vulgarism, Vulgarity, Vulgarness, Wing