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Campaign Action, Activity, All-Out Campaign, Campaign Button, Campaign Commitments, Campaign Contribution, Campaign Fund, Canvass, Cause, Circuit, Commitment, Compete, Competition, Contest, Course, Cruise, Crusade, Drive, Effort, Electioneer, Excursion, Expedition, Faith, Fare, Globe-Trot, Go Abroad, Go On Safari, Go Overseas, Grand Tour, Grass-Roots Campaign, Great Cause, Hard-Hitting Campaign, Hit The Trail, Holy War, Hurrah Campaign, Interest, Issue, Jaunt, Jihad, Journey, Junket, Lifework, Make A Journey, Make A Pilgrimage, Make A Trip, Make An Expedition, Mass Movement, Media Campaign, Movement, Offensive, Operations, Outing, Package Tour, Peregrinate, Peregrination, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Pleasure Trip, Principle, Progress, Push, Race, Range The World, Reason For Being, Ring Doorbells, Rivalry, Round Trip, Rubberneck, Rubberneck Tour, Run, Safari, Sally, Shoot, Sight-See, Solicit Votes, Solicitation, Stalk, Stand, Struggle, Stump, Stump Excursion, Stump The Country, Stumping Tour, Take A Trip, Take The Road, Take The Stump, Tour, Trek, Trip, Turn, Undertake Operations, Voyage, War, Wayfare, Whistle-Stop, Whistle-Stop Campaign