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Can Casanova, Wc, Arse, Ass, Ax, Backhouse, Backside, Bag, Barrel, Basement, Basket, Bathroom, Battleship, Battlewagon, Be Able, Be Permitted, Be Up To, Bedpan, Behind, Boot, Boot Out, Bottle, Bounce, Box, Box Up, Break, Bum, Bump, Burden, Bust, Butt, Calaboose, Can Do, Capital Ship, Capsule, Carton, Case, Cashier, Cask, Chamber, Chamber Pot, Chaser, Cheeks, Chemical Closet, Chemical Toilet, Chokey, Clink, Closet, Comfort Station, Commode, Convenience, Cooler, Coop, Crapper, Crate, Cut It, Cut The Mustard, Defrock, Degrade, Demote, Deplume, Depose, Deprive, Derriere, Destroyer, Disbar, Discharge, Disemploy, Dismiss, Displace, Displume, Do Up, Drum Out, Earth Closet, Encase, Encyst, Expel, Fanny, Fill, Fire, Freight, Fundament, Furlough, Give The Ax, Give The Gate, Hack It, Hamper, Have Permission, Head, Heap, Heap Up, Hind End, Hoosegow, Jar, Jerry, John, Johnny, Johnny House, Jordan, Jug, Keister, Kick, Kick Out, Kick Upstairs, Lade, Lady-Killer, Latrine, Lavatory, Lay Off, Let Go, Let Out, Load, Lockup, Loo, Make It, Make Redundant, Make The Grade, Masher, Mass, May, Necessary, Outhouse, Pack, Pack Away, Package, Parcel, Pen, Pension Off, Philander, Philanderer, Pile, Piss Pot, Pocket, Pokey, Possess Authority, Pot, Potty, Potty-Chair, Powder Room, Prat, Prison, Privy, Put Up, Quod, Read Out Of, Release, Remove, Replace, Rest Room, Retire, Rusty-Dusty, Sack, Separate Forcibly, Ship, Slammer, Stack, Stern, Stir, Stool, Store, Stow, Strip, Superannuate, Surplus, Suspend, Tail, Take Charge, Tank, Terminate, Throne, Thunder Mug, Tin, Toilet, Toilet Room, Tuchis, Turn Off, Turn Out, Tush, Tushy, Unfrock, Urinal, Washroom, Water Closet, Womanizer