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Candle Asa Scale, Agnus Dei, British Candle, Hefner Candle, Holy Grail, Host, Pieta, Sanctus Bell, Sangraal, Scheiner Scale, Ark, Asperger, Asperges, Aspergillum, Bambino, Bayberry Candle, Beadroll, Beads, Bougie, Bougie Decimale, Candle Lumen, Candle Power, Candle-Foot, Candle-Hour, Candle-Meter, Censer, Chaplet, Ciborium, Corpse Candle, Cross, Crucifix, Cruet, Decimal Candle, Dip, Electric Light Bulb, Eucharistial, Exposure Meter, Farthing Dip, Fire, Flame, Flux, Holy Cross, Holy Water, Holy-Water Sprinkler, Icon, Illuminant, Illuminator, Incandescent Body, Incensory, Intensity, International Candle, Lamp, Lamp-Hour, Lantern, Light, Light Bulb, Light Meter, Light Quantum, Light Source, Lumen, Lumen Meter, Lumen-Hour, Lumeter, Luminant, Luminary, Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity, Luminous Power, Lux, Match, Matzo, Menorah, Mezuzah, Mikvah, Monstrance, Moon, Osculatory, Ostensorium, Paschal Candle, Pax, Photon, Phylacteries, Prayer Shawl, Prayer Wheel, Pyx, Quantum, Relics, Rood, Rosary, Rush Candle, Rushlight, Sacramental, Sacred Relics, Sacring Bell, Shofar, Source Of Light, Stars, Sukkah, Sun, Tabernacle, Tallith, Tallow Candle, Tallow Dip, Taper, Thurible, Torch, Unit Of Flux, Unit Of Light, Urceole, Veronica, Vigil Light, Votary Candle, Votive Candle, Wax Candle