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Cannibal Brillat-Savarin, Cain, Lucullus, Amphibian, Animal, Anthropophagite, Apache, Aquatic, Assassin, Assassinator, Barbarian, Beast, Biped, Bloodletter, Bloodshedder, Board-And-Roomer, Boarder, Bon Vivant, Bravo, Brute, Burker, Butcher, Button Man, Canine, Cannibalistic, Carnivore, Carnivorous, Commensal, Connoisseur Of Food, Consumer, Cosmopolite, Cutthroat, Desperado, Destroyer, Dietetic, Diner, Diner-Out, Dining, Eater, Eater-Out, Eating, Epicure, Eradicator, Executioner, Exterminator, Feeder, Feeding, Feline, Flesh-Eater, Flesh-Eating, Fruitarian, Garroter, Gastronome, Gastronomic, Glutton, Gluttonous, Gnawer, Gorilla, Gourmand, Gourmet, Grain-Eater, Grain-Eating, Graminivore, Graminivorous, Granivore, Granivorous, Grass-Eating, Gun, Gunman, Gunsel, Hatchet Man, Head-Hunter, Herbivore, Herbivorous, High Liver, Hit Man, Homicidal Maniac, Homicide, Hungry Mouth, Hyena, Insect-Eating, Insectivore, Insectivorous, Invertebrate, Killer, Lactovegetarian, Luncher, Mammal, Mammalian, Man-Eater, Man-Eating, Man-Killer, Manslayer, Marsupial, Marsupialian, Massacrer, Matador, Meat-Eater, Meat-Eating, Mensal, Mouth, Murderer, Nihilist, Nourishing, Nutritious, Omnivore, Omnivorous, Omophagist, Omophagous, Pantophagist, Pantophagous, Pesticide, Phytivorous, Phytophage, Phytophagous, Picnicker, Plant-Eater, Plant-Eating, Poison, Poisoner, Postprandial, Prandial, Predacean, Predacious, Preprandial, Primate, Quadruped, Reptile, Rodent, Ruminant, Savage, Scavenger, Shark, Slaughterer, Slayer, Strangler, Thug, Tiger, Torpedo, Trencherman, Trigger Man, Ungulate, Vandal, Varmint, Vegetable-Eating, Vegetarian, Vermin, Vertebrate, Wild Man, Wrecker