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Canon Bible, Douay Bible, Festschrift, Grand Penitentiary, Holy Father, Holy Scripture, Holy Writ, King James Version, Procrustean Law, Revised Standard Version, Revised Version, Scripture, Sefer Torah, Septuagint, Testament, Torah, Torah Scroll, Virginal, Vulgate, A Belief, Abuna, Act, Album, Ana, Analects, Anthology, Antipope, Archbishop, Archdeacon, Archpriest, Article Of Faith, Assize, Axiom, Barometer, Beauties, Bill, Bishop, Bishop Coadjutor, Breviary, Bylaw, Cardinal, Cardinal Bishop, Cardinal Deacon, Cardinal Priest, Catch, Chaplain, Check, Chrestomathy, Church Book, Coadjutor, Code, Collectanea, Collected Works, Collection, Commandment, Compilation, Complete Works, Convention, Criterion, Curate, Dean, Decree, Decretum, Degree, Delectus, Dictate, Dictation, Dictum, Diocesan, Doctrine, Dogma, Ecclesiarch, Edict, Enactment, Euchologion, Euchology, Exarch, Farse, Florilegium, Flowers, Form, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Fugato, Fugue, Garden, Garland, Gauge, General Principle, Golden Rule, Graduated Scale, Guideline, Guiding Principle, Hierarch, High Priest, Imperative, Institution, Jus, Law, Law Of Nature, Lectionary, Legislation, Lex, Litany, Machzor, Manual, Maxim, Measure, Metropolitan, Miscellanea, Miscellany, Missal, Mitzvah, Model, Moral, Norm, Norma, Omnibus, Order Of Nature, Ordinal, Ordinance, Ordonnance, Papa, Parameter, Patriarch, Pattern, Penitentiary, Photograph Album, Pontiff, Pontifical, Pope, Prayer Book, Prebendary, Precept, Prelate, Prescribed Form, Prescript, Prescription, Primate, Principium, Principle, Quantity, Quotation Book, Reading, Readout, Rector, Regulation, Ritual, Rituale, Rondeau, Rondelet, Rondino, Rondo, Rondoletto, Round, Roundelay, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Rural Dean, Scale, Scrapbook, Service Book, Set Form, Settled Principle, Siddur, Standard, Standing Order, Statute, Subdean, Suffragan, Symposium, Teaching, Tenet, Test, The Book, The Good Book, The Scriptures, The Word, Touchstone, Troll, Type, Universal Law, Value, Vicar, Working Principle, Working Rule, Yardstick