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Canonical Biblical, Christian, Gospel, Mariological, Mosaic, New-Testament, Old-Testament, Abbatial, Abbatical, Accepted, Apocalyptic, Apostolic, Approved, Archiepiscopal, Authentic, Authoritative, Binding, Canonic, Capitular, Capitulary, Churchly, Clerical, Confessional, Conventional, Correct, Creedal, Customary, Dictated, Didactic, Divine, Doctrinal, Doctrinary, Dogmatic, Ecclesiastic, Episcopal, Episcopalian, Evangelic, Evangelical, Evangelistic, Faithful, Firm, Formulary, Gospel, Hard And Fast, Inspired, Instructive, Literal, Mandatory, Ministerial, Of The Faith, Official, Orthodox, Orthodoxical, Pastoral, Physicotheological, Preceptive, Prelatial, Prelatic, Prescribed, Prescript, Prescriptive, Priest-Ridden, Priestish, Priestly, Proper, Prophetic, Rabbinic, Received, Regulation, Religious, Revealed, Revelational, Right, Rubric, Sacerdotal, Sanctioned, Scriptural, Sound, Standard, Statutory, Textual, Textuary, Theological, Theopneustic, Traditional, Traditionalistic, TRUE, True-Blue, Ultramontane