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Cant Aesopian Language, Babel, Greek, L, Pecksniffery, Tartuffery, Tartuffism, About Ship, Affectation, Affectedness, Alert, Angle, Angularity, Animate, Animated, Apex, Argot, Ascend, Babble, Back And Fill, Bank, Be Hypocritical, Bear Away, Bear Off, Bear To Starboard, Beat, Beat About, Bend, Bifurcation, Bight, Blandish, Box Off, Break, Bring About, Bring Round, Cant Round, Careen, Cast, Cast About, Change Course, Change The Heading, Chevron, Cipher, Climb, Code, Coin, Colloquialize, Come About, Corner, Crank, Crook, Crotchet, Cryptogram, Decline, Deflection, Descend, Dialect, Diction, Dictionary, Dip, Dogleg, Double Dutch, Double A Point, Drop, Elbow, Ell, Empty Gesture, Fall, Fall Away, Fall Off, False Piety, Falseness, Fetch About, Fork, Furcation, Garble, Gay, Gibberish, Gift Of Tongues, Give Lip Service, Give Mouth Honor, Glossolalia, Go About, Go Downhill, Go Uphill, Gobbledygook, Goody-Goodiness, Grade, Gybe, Heave Round, Heel, Hook, Humbug, Hypocrisy, Hypocriticalness, Idiom, Inclination, Incline, Inflection, Insincerity, Jargon, Jargonize, Jibe, Jibe All Standing, Jumble, Keel, Keen, Knee, Language, Lay Down, Lean, Leaning, Leaning Tower, Lexicon, Lie Along, Lingo, Lip Service, List, Mealymouthedness, Miss Stays, Mouth, Mouthing, Mumbo Jumbo, Mummery, Noise, Nook, Oiliness, Ostentatious Devotion, Palaver, Patois, Patter, Pecksniffery, Pharisaicalness, Pharisaism, Phraseology, Pidgin, Pietism, Pietisticalness, Piety, Piousness, Pitch, Play The Hypocrite, Ply, Point, Pretension, Put About, Put Back, Quoin, Rake, Recline, Reek Of Piety, Religionism, Religiosity, Render Lip Service, Retreat, Rise, Round A Point, Sanctimoniousness, Sanctimony, Scatology, Scramble, Secret Language, Self-Righteousness, Sham, Sheer, Shelve, Shift, Shop, Sidle, Slang, Slant, Slew, Slope, Snivel, Snuffle, Snuffling, Soft Soap, Soft-Soap, Speak, Speech, Spirited, Sprightly, Swag, Sway, Sweet Talk, Sweet-Talk, Swerve, Swing Round, Swing The Stern, Taboo Language, Tack, Talk, Throw About, Tilt, Tip, Tokenism, Tower Of Pisa, Turn, Turn Back, Unction, Unctuousness, Uprise, Use Language, Veer, Vernacular, Vertex, Vivacious, Vocabulary, Vulgar Language, Wear, Wear Ship, Wind, Yaw, Zag, Zig, Zigzag