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Cantankerous Bad-Tempered, Bearish, Bilious, Bitchy, Cankered, Choleric, Churlish, Contrary, Crabbed, Crabby, Cranky, Cross, Cross-Grained, Crotchety, Crusty, Cussed, Difficult, Disagreeable, Dour, Dyspeptic, Excitable, Feisty, Fractious, Froward, Grouchy, Grumpy, Huffish, Huffy, Ill-Conditioned, Ill-Natured, Ill-Tempered, Irascible, Irritable, Liverish, Mean, Morose, Ornery, Peevish, Perverse, Petulant, Prickly, Quarrelsome, Snappish, Sour, Spiteful, Spleeny, Splenetic, Stuffy, Sulky, Sullen, Surly, Testy, Tetchy, Touchy, Ugly, Vinegarish, Vinegary, Waspish, Wayward, Wrongheaded