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Canvass Australian Ballot, Hare System, Address, Addresses, Agitate, Air, All-Out Campaign, Analyze, Angle For, Argue, Assemblage, Assembly, Autopsy, Aye, Ballot, Bid For, Call-Up, Campaign, Campaign Button, Campaign Commitments, Campaign Contribution, Campaign Fund, Canvassing, Case, Cast A Ballot, Casting Vote, Census, Check, Check Out, Check Over, Check Up, Check Up On, Collection, Colligation, Collocation, Combination, Comment Upon, Comparison, Con, Concourse, Concurrence, Conduct A Poll, Confluence, Conflux, Congregation, Consider, Consumer Research, Consumer-Preference Survey, Controvert, Convergence, Corralling, Counting Heads, Court, Courting, Cumulative Voting, Data-Gathering, Deal With, Debate, Deciding Vote, Deliberate, Deliberate Upon, Discept, Discourse About, Discuss, Dispute, Divide, Division, Drum, Electioneer, Enfranchisement, Examination, Examine, Exchange Views, Fagot Vote, Fish For, Franchise, Gathering, Give An Examination, Go Into, Go Over, Grass-Roots Campaign, Graveyard Vote, Hand Vote, Handle, Hard-Hitting Campaign, Hurrah Campaign, Ingathering, Inquiry, Inspect, Interview, Inventory, Investigate, Investigation, Junction, Juxtaposition, Knock Around, List System, Look At, Look For, Look Over, Make A Survey, Media Campaign, Mobilization, Monitor, Moot, Muster, Nay, No, Nontransferable Vote, Observe, Opinion Poll, Overhaul, Overlook, Pass Over, Pass Under Review, Peer At, Peruse, Plebiscite, Plebiscitum, Plump, Plumper, Plural Vote, Poll, Polling, Pop The Question, Pore Over, Postmortem, Preferential Voting, Proportional Representation, Proxy, Public-Opinion Poll, Question, Questionary, Questionnaire, Rap, Reason, Reason About, Reason The Point, Record Vote, Referendum, Representation, Review, Right To Vote, Ring Doorbells, Rising Vote, Rodeo, Roundup, Run Over, Sample, Say, Scan, Scrutinize, Secret Ballot, Seek, Set An Examination, Show Of Hands, Sift, Single Vote, Size, Size Up, Snap Vote, Solicit, Solicit Votes, Solicitation, Straw Vote, Study, Stump, Stump Excursion, Stump The Country, Stumping Tour, Sue, Sue For, Suffrage, Suit, Survey, Take Stock Of, Take The Measure, Take The Stump, Take Up, Talk, Talk About, Talk Of, Talk Over, Tally, Thrash Out, Thresh Out, Transferable Vote, Treat, Ventilate, Vet, Viva Voce, Voice, Voice Vote, Vote, Voting, Voting Right, Whistle-Stop, Whistle-Stop Campaign, Woo, Wooing, Write-In, Write-In Vote, Yea, Yeas And Nays, Yes