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Capital Grade A, Abecedarian, Ability, Acmatic, Advantageous, All-Absorbing, Allographic, Alphabetic, Apical, Arch, Art Center, Ascender, Assets, Auspicious, Available Means, Back, Balance, Banner, Basic, Bastard Type, Beard, Belly, Beneficial, Benevolent, Bevel, Black Letter, Body, Bon, Bonny, Bracket Capital, Braw, Bueno, Cap, Capacity, Capital City, Capital Gains Distribution, Capital Goods, Capital Structure, Capitalization, Cardinal, Case, Cash, Central, Champion, Chief, Choice, Circulating Capital, Cock, Cogent, Commendable, Consummate, Controlling, Cornice, Corpus, Counter, County Seat, County Site, County Town, Crown, Crowning, Dandy, Descender, Devices, Disposable Resources, Dominant, Elegant, Em, En, Equity Capital, Essential, Estimable, Excellent, Expedient, Extraordinary, Face, Fair, Famous, Fat-Faced Type, Favorable, Feet, Finances, Financial, Fine, First, First-Class, First-Rate, First-String, Fiscal, Fixed Capital, Flagrant, Floating Capital, Focal, Font, Foremost, Fund, Fundamental, Funds, Garment Center, Glaring, Good, Goodly, Grand, Graphemic, Great, Grist, Groove, Gross, Head, Headmost, Healthy, Hegemonic, Helpful, Highest, Holdings, Ideographic, Important, Initial, Italic, Kind, Laudable, Leading, Letter, Lettered, Lexigraphic, Ligature, Liquid Assets, Literal, Logogrammatic, Logographic, Logotype, Lower Case, Lower-Case, Magisterial, Main, Major, Majuscule, Manufacturing Center, Master, Matchless, Maximal, Maximum, Mean, Means, Medical Center, Meridian, Meridional, Method, Metropolis, Minuscular, Minuscule, Monetary, Money, Moneyed Capital, Nice, Nick, Noble, Number One, Numismatic, Nummary, Outstanding, Overmost, Overriding, Overruling, Paramount, Pecuniary, Peerless, Pi, Pica, Pictographic, Pleasant, Point, Power, Predominant, Preeminent, Premier, Preponderant, Prevailing, Primal, Primary, Prime, Principal, Print, Profitable, Property, Railroad Center, Rank, Ranking, Recourses, Regal, Resorts, Resource, Resources, Ripping, Roman, Royal, Ruling, Sans Serif, Savings, Script, Seat, Seat Of Government, Select, Shank, Shipping Center, Shire Town, Shopping Center, Shoulder, Skillful, Small Cap, Small Capital, Smashing, Sound, Sovereign, Splendid, Stamp, Star, Stellar, Stem, Sterling, Stock, Summital, Sumptuary, Super, Superb, Supereminent, Superior, Supply, Supreme, Tip-Top, Top, Top-Hole, Top-Notch, Topflight, Topmost, Topping, Tourist Center, Trade Center, Transliterated, Type, Type Body, Type Class, Type Lice, Typecase, Typeface, Typefounders, Typefoundry, Ultimate, Uncial, Underlying, Upmost, Upper Case, Upper-Case, Uppermost, Urban Center, Useful, Valid, Venture Capital, Vertical, Very Good, Virtuous, Vital, Ways, Ways And Means, Wealth, Wherewith, Wherewithal, Working Capital, Zenithal