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Captious Bickering, Carping, Caviling, Censorious, Choplogic, Contrary, Critic, Critical, Cynical, Demanding, Equivocatory, Evasive, Exacting, Faultfinding, Finicky, Hairsplitting, Hedging, Hypercritical, Irritable, Logic-Chopping, Nagging, Niggling, Nit-Picking, Overcritical, Paltering, Particular, Peevish, Pernickety, Perverse, Pettifogging, Petty, Petulant, Picayune, Pussyfooting, Quibbling, Shuffling, Snappish, Snappy, Testy, Trichoschistic, Trifling, Trivial, Ultracritical