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Carol Brautlied, Christmas Carol, Kunstlied, Liebeslied, Volkslied, Alba, Anthem, Art Song, Aubade, Ballad, Ballade, Ballata, Barcarole, Blues, Blues Song, Boat Song, Bridal Hymn, Brindisi, Cackle, Call, Calypso, Canso, Canticle, Canzone, Canzonet, Canzonetta, Caper, Caracole, Cavatina, Caw, Chanson, Chant, Chantey, Chatter, Cheep, Chirk, Chirp, Chirr, Chirrup, Chitter, Choir, Chorus, Chuck, Clack, Clap Hands, Cluck, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Coo, Croak, Cronk, Croon, Croon Song, Crow, Cuckoo, Dance, Delight, Descant, Dirge, Ditty, Do-Re-Mi, Drinking Song, Drum, Epithalamium, Exult, Folk Song, Frisk, Frolic, Gabble, Gaggle, Gambol, Glory, Gobble, Guggle, Honk, Hoo, Hoot, Hum, Hymeneal, Hymn, Intonate, Intone, Joy, Jubilate, Lay, Lied, Lilt, Love Song, Love-Lilt, Matin, Minstrel, Minstrel Song, Minstrelsy, National Anthem, Peep, Pip, Pipe, Prothalamium, Psalm, Quack, Quaver, Rejoice, Revel, Roll, Rollick, Romp, Roulade, Scold, Serena, Serenade, Serenata, Shake, Sing, Sing In Chorus, Skip, Skip For Joy, Sol-Fa, Solmizate, Song, Squawk, Theme Song, Torch Song, Tremolo, Trill, Troll, Tweedle, Tweedledee, Tweet, Twit, Twitter, Vocalize, War Song, Warble, Wedding Song, Whistle, Yodel