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Carry Away Abduce, Abduct, Allure, Annihilate, Attract, Bear The Palm, Becharm, Beguile, Bereave Of Life, Bewitch, Captivate, Capture, Carry, Carry It, Carry Off, Carry The Day, Cart Away, Cast A Spell, Charm, Chloroform, Come Apart, Come Off, Come Out First, Come Undone, Come Unstuck, Crack Up, Crimp, Cut Down, Cut Off, Delectate, Delight, Delocalize, Deprive Of Life, Destroy, Disintegrate, Dislodge, Dispatch, Displace, Dispose Of, Do Away With, Do For, Do To Death, Draw On, Enamor, Enchant, End, Endear, Enrapture, Enravish, Enthrall, Entrance, Execute, Exterminate, Fall Off, Fall To Pieces, Fascinate, Finish, Finish In Front, Finish Off, Fluke, Fly Apart, Freak Out, Gain, Gain The Day, Get Loose, Give Way, Go To Pieces, Hold For Ransom, Hold In Thrall, Hypnotize, Immolate, Imparadise, Impress, Infatuate, Inflame With Love, Intrigue, Kidnap, Kill, Knock Dead, Knock Out, Launch Into Eternity, Lay Aside, Liquidate, Lynch, Make A Killing, Make Away With, Manhandle, Martyr, Martyrize, Mesmerize, Move, Peel Off, Poison, Purge, Put Aside, Put Away, Put Down, Put To Death, Put To Sleep, Ravish, Relocate, Remove, Remove From Life, Run Away With, Sacrifice, Seduce, Send, Set Aside, Shanghai, Shift, Shunt, Side, Skyjack, Slay, Snatch, Spell, Spellbind, Spirit Away, Spring Apart, Start, Starve, Take Away, Take Life, Take Off, Take The Cake, Tantalize, Tempt, Thrill, Tickle, Tickle Pink, Titillate, Transport, Unravel, Vamp, Win, Win Out, Win The Battle, Win The Laurels, Win The Palm, Win The Prize, Win Through, Witch, Wow