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Cartridge Gramophone, Pa, Pa System, Victrola, Audio Sound System, Audiophile, Backing, Ball Cartridge, Bibliofilm, Binaural System, Bipack, Bitch Box, Black-And-White Film, Blank Cartridge, Bullhorn, Cartouche, Cassette, Ceramic Pickup, Changer, Color Film, Color Negative Film, Crystal Pickup, Derived Four-Channel System, Disc, Discrete Four-Channel System, Dope, Dry Plate, Electrical Transcription, Emulsion, Film, Four-Channel Stereo System, Frame, Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi Fan, High-Fidelity, Intercom, Intercommunication System, Jukebox, Magnetic Pickup, Microfilm, Monaural System, Mono, Monochromatic Film, Motion-Picture Film, Needle, Negative, Nickelodeon, Orthochromatic Film, Pack, Panchromatic Film, Phonograph, Phonograph Record, Photoelectric Pickup, Photographic Paper, Pickup, Plate, Printing Paper, Public-Address System, Quadraphonic Sound System, Radio-Phonograph Combination, Record, Record Changer, Record Player, Recording, Roll, Shell, Sound Film, Sound Reproduction System, Sound Track, Sound Truck, Sound-On-Film, Soundstripe, Squawk Box, Stereo, Stylus, System, Tape, Tape Cartridge, Tape Cassette, Tape Deck, Tape Recorder, Tape Recording, Tone Arm, Transcription, Transcription Turntable, Tripack, Turntable, Vehicle, Wax, Wire Recording