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Catchy Achingly Sweet, Agreeable, Agreeable-Sounding, Appealing, Ariose, Arioso, Beguiling, Broken, Canorous, Cantabile, Capricious, Careening, Choppy, Deceiving, Deceptive, Delusive, Delusory, Desultory, Deviative, Disconnected, Discontinuous, Dubious, Dulcet, Eccentric, Erratic, Euphonic, Euphonious, Euphonous, Fallacious, FALSE, Fine-Toned, Fishy, Fitful, Flickering, Fluctuating, Golden, Golden-Tongued, Golden-Voiced, Guttering, Hallucinatory, Halting, Herky-Jerky, Heteroclite, Honeyed, Illusive, Illusory, Immethodical, Inconstant, Intermittent, Intermitting, Irregular, Jerky, Lurching, Melic, Mellifluent, Mellifluous, Mellisonant, Mellow, Melodic, Melodious, Misleading, Music-Flowing, Music-Like, Musical, Nonuniform, On-Again-Off-Again, Patchy, Pleasant, Pleasant-Sounding, Questionable, Rambling, Rich, Rough, Scrappy, Silver-Toned, Silver-Tongued, Silver-Voiced, Silvery, Singable, Snatchy, Songful, Songlike, Sonorous, Spasmatic, Spasmic, Spasmodic, Spastic, Sporadic, Spotty, Staggering, Sweet, Sweet-Flowing, Sweet-Sounding, Trickish, Tricksy, Tricky, Tunable, Tuneful, Uncertain, Unequal, Uneven, Unmethodical, Unmetrical, Unregular, Unrhythmical, Unsettled, Unsteady, Unsystematic, Variable, Veering, Wandering, Wavering, Wobbling, Wobbly