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Cautious Alert, Ambling, Attentive, Cagey, Calculating, Canny, Careful, Chary, Circumspect, Claudicant, Considerate, Cozy, Crawling, Creeping, Creeping Like Snail, Curious, Deliberate, Demurring, Diffident, Discreet, Disinclined To Believe, Disposed To Doubt, Easy, Expedient, Faltering, Flagging, Foot-Dragging, Foresighted, Forethoughtful, Gentle, Gingerly, Gradual, Guarded, Halting, Hard Of Belief, Heedful, Hesitant, Hesitating, Hobbled, Hobbling, Idle, Impervious To Persuasion, Inconvincible, Incredulous, Indolent, Jibbing, Judicious, Languid, Languorous, Lazy, Leaving Out Nothing, Leery, Leisurely, Limping, Loving, Lumbering, Mindful, Moderate, Noncommittal, On Guard, Overlooking No Possibility, Pawky, Poking, Poky, Politic, Precautious, Provident, Prudent, Regardful, Relaxed, Reluctant, Safe, Sauntering, Scheming, Scrupling, Shilly-Shallying, Shrewd, Shuffling, Shy Of Belief, Skeptical, Slack, Slothful, Slow, Slow As Death, Slow As Molasses, Slow As Slow, Slow To Act, Slow-Crawling, Slow-Foot, Slow-Going, Slow-Legged, Slow-Moving, Slow-Paced, Slow-Poky, Slow-Running, Slow-Sailing, Slow-Stepped, Sluggish, Snail-Paced, Snaillike, Solicitous, Staggering, Sticking, Stickling, Straining, Strolling, Suspecting, Suspicious, Tender, Tentative, Thorough, Thoughtful, Timid, Toddling, Tortoiselike, Tottering, Trudging, Turtlelike, Unadventurous, Uncommunicative, Unconvincible, Uncredulous, Undaring, Unenterprising, Unhurried, Unpersuadable, Unpersuasible, Unprecipitate, Unwilling To Accept, Vigilant, Waddling, Wary, Watchful