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Cavernous Abysmal, Abyssal, Boat-Shaped, Boatlike, Bottomless, Bowl-Shaped, Bowllike, Cavelike, Commodious, Concave, Concaved, Craterlike, Cup-Shaped, Cupped, Cymbiform, Deep As Hell, Dish-Shaped, Dished, Dishing, Dishlike, Fathomless, Funnel-Breasted, Funnel-Chested, Funnel-Shaped, Gaping, Hollow, Hollowed, Incurved, Incurving, Incurvous, Infundibular, Infundibuliform, Navicular, Naviform, Plumbless, Plunging, Retiring, Retreating, Reverberant, Saucer-Shaped, Scaphoid, Scyphate, Sepulchral, Soundless, Spoonlike, Sunk, Sunken, Unfathomable, Unfathomed, Unsounded, Vast, Without Bottom, Yawning