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Cease Abandon, Abdicate, Abjure, Abort, Acknowledge Defeat, Ad Infinitum, Be Consumed, Be Done For, Be Gone, Be No More, Belay, Calm, Calm Down, Cancel, Cease To Be, Cease To Exist, Ceaselessly, Cede, Cessation, Close, Come To Naught, Come To Nothing, Conclude, Conclusion, Conk Out, Constantly, Continually, Continuously, Cry Quits, Cut It Out, Dematerialize, Depart, Desist, Desist From, Desistance, Determine, Die, Die Away, Die Down, Die Out, Disappear, Discontinue, Dispel, Disperse, Dissipate, Dissolve, Do A Fade-Out, Drop, Drop It, Dwindle, Ebb, End, Ending, Endlessly, Erode, Eternally, Evanesce, Evaporate, Everlastingly, Exit, Expire, Fade, Fade Away, Fade Out, Finish, Finish Up, Flee, Fly, Forever, Forgo, Forswear, Give Over, Give Up, Go, Go Away, Halt, Hand Over, Have Done With, Hide, Hold, Incessantly, Infinitely, Interminably, Intermit, Knock It Off, Knock Off, Lay Down, Lay Off, Leave No Trace, Leave Off, Leave The Scene, Lull, Melt, Melt Away, Molder, Pacify, Pass, Pass Away, Pass Out, Peg Out, Period, Perish, Perorate, Perpetually, Quiesce, Quiet, Quieten, Quit, Refrain, Refrain From, Relinquish, Renounce, Resign, Resolve, Retire From Sight, Run Out, Scrap, Scratch, Scrub, Sink, Sink Away, Soothe, Stay, Stop, Subside, Succumb, Suffer An Eclipse, Surcease, Surrender, Terminate, Termination, Throw Up, Tranquilize, Unendingly, Unremittingly, Vanish, Vanish From Sight, Waive, Wane, Waste, Waste Away, Wear Away, Wind Up, Without Cease, Yield