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Ceaseless Ageless, Amaranthine, Articulated, Catenated, Chattering, Coeternal, Concatenated, Connected, Constant, Continual, Continued, Continuing, Continuous, Cyclical, Dateless, Direct, Endless, Eternal, Eterne, Ever-Being, Ever-Durable, Ever-During, Everlasting, Everliving, Featureless, Gapless, Immediate, Immemorial, Immortal, Incessant, Indestructible, Infinite, Interminable, Joined, Jointless, Linked, Machine Gun, Monotonous, Never-Ceasing, Never-Ending, Nonstop, Nonterminating, Nonterminous, Olamic, Oscillating, Perdurable, Perennial, Periodic, Permanent, Perpetual, Pulsating, Rapid, Recurrent, Regular, Repeated, Repetitive, Round-The-Clock, Running, Seamless, Sempiternal, Serried, Smooth, Stable, Staccato, Steady, Straight, Stuttering, Sustained, Timeless, Twenty-Four-Hour, Unbroken, Unceasing, Unchanging, Undifferentiated, Unending, Uniform, Unintermitted, Unintermittent, Unintermitting, Uninterrupted, Unrelieved, Unremitting, Unstopped, Unvarying, Vibrating, Without End