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Celebrate Administer Communion, Adulate, Advertise, Apotheosize, Attend Communion, Attend Mass, Beat The Drum, Belaud, Bepraise, Blare, Blare Forth, Blaze, Blaze Abroad, Blazon, Blazon About, Bless, Bless The Lord, Blow The Trumpet, Blow Up, Boast Of, Brag About, Broadcast, Carouse, Celebrate Mass, Commemorate, Communicate, Consecrate, Conventionalize, Cry, Cry Out, Cry Up, Cut Loose, Debauch, Declaim, Dedicate, Deify, Dignify, Doxologize, Dress Ship, Emblazon, Eulogize, Exalt, Extol, Fire A Salute, Flatter, Formalize, Glorify, Glorify The Lord, Hallow, Hell Around, Herald, Herald Abroad, Hero-Worship, Hold, Hold Jubilee, Honor, Hymn, Idolize, Jollify, Jolly, Jubilate, Jubilize, Keep, Lark, Laud, Let Go, Let Loose, Let Off Steam, Lionize, Maffick, Magnify, Make Merry, Make Much Of, Make Whoopee, Mark, Memorialize, Observe, Overpraise, Panegyrize, Party, Pay Tribute, Perform, Porter Aux Nues, Praise, Praise God, Proclaim, Promulgate, Publicize, Puff, Puff Up, Raise Hell, Receive The Sacrament, Rejoice In, Revel, Ritualize, Roister, Salute, Sanctify, See Life, Shout, Signalize, Sing Praises, Skylark, Solemnize, Solemnly Mark, Sound A Fanfare, Spree, Step Out, Stylize, Thunder, Thunder Forth, Trumpet, Trumpet Forth, Wanton, Wassail, Whoop It Up