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Celebrity Establishment, Pr, Vip, Acclaim, Ballyhoo, Baron, Big Gun, Big Man, Big Name, Bigwig, Blurb, Brass, Brass Hat, Bright Light, Center Of Attraction, Character, Common Knowledge, Constellation, Cry, Currency, Cynosure, Daylight, Dignitary, Dignity, Distinction, Eclat, Elder, Eminence, Exposure, Fame, Famousness, Father, Figure, Folk Hero, Galaxy, Glare, Glory, Great Man, Hero, Heroine, Hoopla, Hue And Cry, Idol, Immortal, Important Person, Interests, Kudos, Limelight, Lion, Lords Of Creation, Luminaries, Luminary, Magnate, Mahatma, Man Of Mark, Master Spirit, Maximum Dissemination, Mogul, Nabob, Name, Notability, Notable, Notoriety, Notoriousness, Panjandrum, Person Of Note, Person Of Renown, Personage, Personality, Pillar Of Society, Pleiad, Plug, Pop Hero, Popular Hero, Popular Idol, Popularity, Power, Power Elite, Press Notice, Prestige, Prominence, Public Eye, Public Figure, Public Knowledge, Public Relations, Public Report, Publicity, Publicity Story, Publicness, Puff, Reclame, Recognition, Renown, Rep, Report, Reputation, Repute, Ruling Circle, Sachem, Social Lion, Somebody, Something, Spotlight, Star, Stardom, Superstar, The Bubble Reputation, The Great, The Top, Top Brass, Top People, Tycoon, Very Important Person, Vogue, Worthy, Write-Up