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Cell Pow Camp, Photronic Cell, Adytum, Animal Cell, Apartment, Ashram, Bastille, Bioplast, Black Hole, Booth, Borstal, Borstal Institution, Box, Bridewell, Brig, Bunch, Cabal, Cadre, Camarilla, Cavity, Cellular Tissue, Cellule, Chamber, Charmed Circle, Chromatoplasm, Circle, Clan, Clique, Cloister, Closed Circle, Coenocyte, Compartment, Concentration Camp, Condemned Cell, Corpuscle, Coterie, Crew, Crib, Crowd, Crypt, Cubicle, Cytoplasm, Death Cell, Death House, Death Row, Den, Detention Camp, Ectoplasm, Electron-Image Tube, Elite, Elite Group, Enclosed Space, Endoplasm, Energid, Eucaryotic Cell, Federal Prison, Forced-Labor Camp, Gaol, Gas Phototube, Germ Cell, Group, Guardhouse, Hermitage, Hideaway, Hideout, Hiding Place, Hold, Hole, Hollow, Holy Of Holies, House Of Correction, House Of Detention, Industrial School, Ingroup, Inner Circle, Internment Camp, Ivory Tower, Jail, Jailhouse, Junta, Junto, Keep, Labor Camp, Lair, Lockup, Manger, Maximum-Security Prison, Mew, Minimum-Security Prison, Mob, Multiplier Phototube, Oubliette, Outfit, Pen, Penal Colony, Penal Institution, Penal Settlement, Penitentiary, Pew, Photoconductor Cell, Photomultiplier Tube, Phototube, Photovoltaic Cell, Plant Cell, Plasmodium, Prison, Prison Camp, Prisonhouse, Privacy, Procaryotic Cell, Protoplasm, Recess, Reform School, Reformatory, Reticulum, Retreat, Ring, Room, Sanctum, Sanctum Sanctorum, Secret Place, Set, Soft Phototube, Somatic Cell, Sponging House, Stall, State Prison, Stockade, Syncytium, The Hole, Tollbooth, Training School, Trophoplasm, Vacuum Phototube, Vault, We-Group