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Censor Abbreviate, Abridge, Annotator, Asphyxiate, Belittler, Black Out, Bleach, Blip, Blot Out, Blue-Pencil, Bottle Up, Bowdlerize, Cancel, Captious Critic, Carper, Caviler, Censurer, Choke Off, Clamp Down On, Clean Up, Cognoscente, Commentator, Commenter, Common Scold, Connoisseur, Conscience, Conscientiousness, Cork, Cork Up, Crack Down On, Critic, Criticaster, Criticizer, Critickin, Criticule, Cross Out, Crush, Cut, Cut Out, Damp Down, Delete, Drown, Edit, Edit Out, Editor, Erase, Ethical Self, Excise, Expunge, Expurgate, Extinguish, Faultfinder, Frondeur, Gag, Grace, Hold Down, Hugger-Mugger, Hush, Hush Up, Hush-Hush, Inner Arbiter, Inward Monitor, Jump On, Keep Down, Keep Under, Kill, Literary Critic, Man Of Letters, Momus, Monopolist, Moral Censor, Muckraker, Muffle, Muzzle, Narrow, Nitpicker, Omit, Pettifogger, Pour Water On, Protectionist, Purge, Purify, Put Down, Quash, Quell, Quench, Quibbler, Repress, Rescind, Restrain, Restrict, Restrictionist, Reviewer, Rub Out, Scholiast, Scold, Screen, Shush, Shut Down On, Silence, Sit Down On, Sit On, Smash, Smellfungus, Smother, Social Conscience, Social Critic, Squash, Squelch, Stanch, Stifle, Strangle, Strike, Strike Off, Strike Out, Stultify, Subdue, Suffocate, Superego, Suppress, Tender Conscience, Textual Critic, Throttle, Twinge Of Conscience, Voice Of Conscience, Void