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Censorious Quakerish, Victorian, Abusive, Accusatory, Back-Biting, Belittling, Bitchy, Blackening, Blameful, Calumniatory, Calumnious, Captious, Carping, Catty, Caviling, Chiding, Choicy, Choosy, Condemnatory, Conscientious, Contemptuous, Contumelious, Critic, Critical, Damnatory, Defamatory, Demure, Denunciatory, Deprecative, Deprecatory, Depreciative, Depreciatory, Derisive, Derisory, Derogative, Derogatory, Detractory, Discriminating, Discriminative, Disparaging, Exacting, Execrating, Execrative, Execratory, Fastidious, Faultfinding, Hidebound, Hypercritical, Invective, Inveighing, Judgmental, Libelous, Meticulous, Mid-Victorian, Minimizing, Narrow, Objurgatory, Old-Maidish, Overcritical, Overmodest, Particular, Pejorative, Perfectionistic, Picky, Precise, Precisianistic, Priggish, Prim, Proscriptive, Prudish, Punctilious, Puristic, Puritanic, Puritanical, Reproachful, Reprobative, Reviling, Ridiculing, Sanctimonious, Scandalous, Scoffing, Scrupulous, Scurrile, Scurrilous, Selective, Sensitive, Slanderous, Slighting, Smug, Stiff-Necked, Straitlaced, Strict, Stuffy, Vilifying, Vituperative