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Cerise Titian, Titian-Red, Bricky, Cardinal, Carmine, Carnation, Carnelian, Cherry, Cherry-Colored, Cherry-Red, Crimson, Damask, Ferruginous, Fiery, Fire-Red, Flame-Colored, Flame-Red, Flaming, Glowing, Gules, Hot, Incarmined, Inflamed, Infrared, Iron-Red, Lake-Colored, Laky, Lateritious, Lobster-Red, Lurid, Maroon, Port-Wine, Puce, Red, Red-Dyed, Red-Looking, Reddened, Reddish, Reddish-Amber, Reddish-Brown, Rubicund, Rubiginous, Rubric, Rubricose, Ruby, Ruby-Colored, Ruby-Red, Ruddied, Ruddy, Rufescent, Rufous, Rust, Rust-Red, Rusty, Scarlet, Stammel, Tile-Red, Vermilion, Vinaceous, Warm, Wine, Wine-Colored, Wine-Red