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Certain A, A Certain, Absolute, Accurate, Actual, Adducible, Admissible, Agape, Agog, All Agog, An, Anticipant, Anticipating, Anticipative, Anticipatory, Any, Any One, Apodictic, Ascertained, Assured, Atomic, Attestative, Attested, Attestive, Authentic, Authenticated, Awaiting, Based On, Believing, Bound, Categorically True, Certified, Changeless, Circumstantial, Clear, Clear And Distinct, Clear As Day, Cocksure, Composite, Conclusive, Concrete, Confident, Confirmable, Confirmed, Constant, Convinced, Convincing, Corroborated, Covered, Credible, Cumulative, Damning, Decided, Decisive, Defined, Definite, Demonstrable, Demonstrated, Dependable, Destined, Detailed, Determinate, Determinative, Determined, Devout, Different, Distinct, Distinguished, Divers, Documentary, Documented, Dogmatic, Doubtless, Eager, Effectual, Either, Ensured, Esoteric, Especial, Established, Evidential, Evidentiary, Ex Parte, Exceptional, Exclusive, Expectant, Expecting, Express, Extraordinary, Eye-Witness, Factual, Faithful, Fated, Fateful, Fideistic, Final, Firm, Firsthand, Fixed, Forearmed, Forestalling, Forewarned, Founded On, Gaping, Grounded On, Guaranteed, Hearsay, Historical, Hopeful, Implicit, Impressed With, In Anticipation, In Expectation, In The Cards, Incontestable, Incontrovertible, Indefeasible, Indicative, Indisputable, Individual, Indivisible, Indubitable, Ineluctable, Ineludible, Inescapable, Inevasible, Inevitable, Inexorable, Infallible, Inflexible, Inner, Insured, Integral, Intimate, Invariable, Irreducible, Irrefutable, Irresistible, Irrevocable, Lone, Looking For, Looking Forward To, Many, Material, Measured, Minute, Monadic, Monistic, More, More Than One, Necessary, Not In Error, Not Singular, Not Surprised, Noteworthy, Numerous, Nuncupative, Objectively True, One, Optimistic, Overwhelming, Particular, Perfectly Sure, Permanent, Personal, Persuaded, Pietistic, Pious, Pistic, Plausible, Plural, Pluralistic, Plurative, Positive, Precise, Predestined, Predetermined, Prepared, Presumptive, Private, Probative, Provable, Proved, Quantified, Quantitative, Quantitive, Quantized, Ready, Real, Relentless, Reliable, Resistless, Respective, Sanguine, Satisfied, Secure, Secured, Set, Settled, Several, Significant, Simple, Single, Singular, Sold On, Sole, Solid, Solipsistic, Solitary, Some, Special, Specific, Stable, Standard, Stated, Steady, Stipulated, Substantiated, Suggestive, Sundry, Sure, Sure As Death, Sure As Fate, Sure-Enough, Surefire, Symptomatic, Telling, Traditional, TRUE, True As Gospel, Trustworthy, Truthful, Unalterable, Unambiguous, Unanalyzable, Unavoidable, Unchanging, Unconfuted, Uncontestable, Uncontrollable, Undeflectable, Undeniable, Undenied, Under The Impression, Undisputed, Undivided, Undoubted, Undoubtful, Undoubting, Unequivocal, Unerring, Unerroneous, Unevadable, Unfailing, Unfallacious, Unfalse, Uniform, Unique, Unitary, Univocal, Unmistakable, Unmistaken, Unnamed, Unpreventable, Unquestionable, Unquestioned, Unrefuted, Unspecified, Unstoppable, Unsurprised, Unyielding, Valid, Validated, Various, Veracious, Verifiable, Verified, Veritable, Waiting, Waiting For, Warranted, Watching For, Weighty, Well-Grounded, Whole, Written