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Cervix Abbreviation, Advocate, Alpenstock, Ankle, Arm, Articulation, Astriction, Astringency, Athletic Supporter, Back, Backbone, Backing, Bag, Ballocks, Balls, Bandeau, Basket, Beard, Bearer, Bottleneck, Boundary, Bra, Brace, Bracer, Bracket, Brassiere, Breasts, Butt, Buttress, Cane, Carrier, Circumscription, Clinch, Clitoris, Closure, Coarctation, Cod, Cods, Compactedness, Compaction, Compression, Compressure, Concentration, Condensation, Connecting Link, Connecting Rod, Connection, Consolidation, Constriction, Constringency, Contraction, Contracture, Corset, Coupling, Crook, Crutch, Cullions, Curtailment, Decrease, Diminuendo, Dovetail, Elbow, Embrace, Family Jewels, Female Organs, Foundation Garment, Fulcrum, Genitalia, Genitals, Girdle, Gliding Joint, Gonads, Guy, Guywire, Hinge, Hinged Joint, Hip, Hourglass, Hourglass Figure, Interface, Isthmus, Jock, Jockstrap, Join, Joining, Joint, Juncture, Knee, Knitting, Knuckle, Labia, Labia Majora, Labia Minora, Lingam, Link, Lips, Mainstay, Maintainer, Male Organs, Mast, Meat, Miter, Mortise, Narrow Place, Narrowing, Neck, Nuts, Nymphae, Ovary, Penis, Phallus, Pivot, Pivot Joint, Private Parts, Privates, Privy Parts, Prop, Pubic Hair, Puckering, Pudenda, Pursing, Rabbet, Reduction, Reinforce, Reinforcement, Reinforcer, Reproductive Organs, Rest, Resting Place, Rigging, Rocks, Scarf, Scrotum, Seam, Secondary Sex Characteristic, Sex Organs, Shortening, Shoulder, Shroud, Solidification, Spermary, Spine, Sprit, Staff, Standing Rigging, Stave, Stay, Stick, Stiffener, Stitch, Stranglement, Strangulation, Strengthener, Striction, Stricture, Support, Supporter, Sustainer, Suture, Symphysis, Systole, Testes, Testicles, Tie Rod, Toggle, Toggle Joint, Union, Upholder, Uterus, Vagina, Vulva, Walking Stick, Wasp Waist, Weld, Womb, Wrinkling, Wrist, Yoni