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Chafe Ablate, Ablation, Abrade, Abrase, Abrasion, Abrasive, Afflict, Aggravate, Agonize, Ail, Annoy, Arouse, Attrition, Bark, Be Livid, Be Pissed, Bite, Blemish, Bloody, Bluster, Boil, Bother, Break, Bristle, Browned Off, Bruise, Buffing, Burn, Burn To, Burnishing, Carry On, Chafing, Check, Chip, Claw, Concussion, Convulse, Cook, Corrode, Crack, Crackle, Craze, Crucify, Cut, Damage, Detrition, Distress, Dressing, Electric-Heat, Embitter, Embitterment, Erase, Erasure, Erode, Erosion, Exacerbate, Exacerbation, Exasperate, Excoriate, Excruciate, Exercise, Fester, File, Filing, Fire, Fire Up, Flash Burn, Flay, Foment, Fracture, Fray, Frazzle, Fret, Fret And Fume, Fretting, Fume, Fuss, Gall, Galling, Gas-Heat, Gash, Get Excited, Give Pain, Gnaw, Gnaw Away, Go On, Grate, Grate On, Gravel, Graze, Grazing, Grind, Grinding, Gripe, Grit, Hardly Wait, Harrow, Hasten, Have A Conniption, Heat, Heat Up, Hot, Hot Up, Hot-Air-Heat, Hot-Water-Heat, Huff, Hurt, Impair, Incense, Incise, Incision, Inflame, Inflict Pain, Injure, Injury, Irk, Irritant, Irritate, Irritation, Itch To, Jump The Gun, Kill By Inches, Lacerate, Laceration, Lesion, Limation, Maim, Make Mincemeat Of, Make Sore, Martyr, Martyrize, Maul, Miff, Mortal Wound, Mull, Mutilate, Mutilation, Nettle, Nip, Overheat, Pain, Peel, Peeve, Pierce, Pinch, Pique, Pissed Off, Polishing, Preheat, Prick, Prolong The Agony, Provocation, Provoke, Puncture, Put To Torture, Rack, Rage, Raise Cain, Raise Hell, Raise The Devil, Raise The Roof, Rankle, Rant, Rant And Rave, Rasp, Rasping, Rave, Raze, Recook, Reheat, Rend, Rent, Rile, Rip, Roil, Rub, Rub Away, Rub Off, Rub Out, Rubbing Away, Ruffle, Run, Rupture, Sandblasting, Sanding, Savage, Scald, Scorch, Scotch, Scour, Scouring, Scrape, Scraping, Scratch, Scratching, Scrub, Scrubbing, Scuff, Second-Degree Burn, Seethe, Set On Edge, Set Up, Shining, Simmer, Sizzle, Skin, Slash, Slit, Smoke, Smolder, Smoothing, Sore, Soreness, Sprain, Squirm, Stab, Stab Wound, Steam, Stew, Stick, Sting, Stir The Blood, Stir Up, Stoke Up, Storm, Strain, Superheat, Sweat, Sweat And Stew, Sweat It Out, Take On, Tear, Tepefy, Third-Degree Burn, Throw A Fit, Torment, Torture, Trauma, Traumatize, Tweak, Twist, Vex, Wait Impatiently, Warm, Warm Over, Warm Up, Wear, Wear Away, Wearing Away, Work Up, Worry, Wound, Wounds Immedicable, Wrench, Wring