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Chalky Argent, Argentine, Branny, Canescent, Chalklike, Comminute, Comminuted, Cretaceous, Crushed, Detrital, Detrited, Disintegrated, Dusty, Efflorescent, Farinaceous, Fine, Flaky, Fleecy-White, Floury, Frosted, Frosty, Furfuraceous, Gone To Dust, Grated, Grizzled, Grizzly, Ground, Hoar, Hoary, Impalpable, Lactescent, Levigated, Lily-White, Marble, Marmoreal, Mealy, Milky, Milled, Niveous, Pestled, Platinum, Powdered, Powdery, Pulverant, Pulverized, Pulverulent, Pure White, Reduced To Powder, Scaly, Scobicular, Scobiform, Scurfy, Sharded, Shredded, Silver, Silvered, Silvery, Snow-White, Snowy, Swan-White, Triturated, White, White As Snow