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Challenge Socratic Method, Affront, Arouse, Ask, Ask For, Asking, Attack, Awake A Doubt, Awaken, Baffle, Balk, Banter, Battle Cry, Be Contrary To, Be Diffident, Be Doubtful, Be Dubious, Be Skeptical, Be Uncertain, Beard, Beef, Belie, Bestir, Bid Defiance, Bid To Combat, Bitch, Blackmail, Blast, Boggle, Boycott, Brave, Breast, Bring Before, Bring Forward, Bring Up, Bringing Into Question, Bucking, Call, Call For, Call In Question, Call Into Question, Call Out, Calling, Cartel, Catechetical Method, Catechization, Catechizing, Challenge, Checkmate, Circumvent, Claim, Claiming, Clamor For, Combative Reaction, Compete, Compete With, Complain, Complain Loudly, Complaint, Compunction, Confound, Confront, Confront With, Confrontation, Contend With, Contention, Contest, Contradict, Contradiction, Contravention, Contraversion, Controvert, Cope, Counter, Counteract, Counteraction, Countermand, Counterwork, Counterworking, Cross, Crosscurrent, Crossing, Cry For, Cry Out Against, Dare, Dash, Declaration Of War, Declare War, Defeat, Defi, Defiance, Defy, Demand, Demanding, Demonstrate, Demonstrate Against, Demonstration, Demur, Demurral, Demurrer, Denial, Deny, Destroy, Difficulty, Discomfit, Disconcert, Discountenance, Dish, Dispute, Dissent, Dissentience, Distrust, Double Dare, Double-Dare, Doubt, Elude, Emulate, Encounter, Enter A Protest, Envisage, Exact, Exacting, Examination, Exception, Expostulate, Expostulation, Extort, Face, Face Down, Face Out, Face Up To, Face With, Flummox, Foil, Fractiousness, Front, Frustrate, Gage, Gage Of Battle, Gainsay, Gauntlet, Glove, Greet With Skepticism, Grievance, Grievance Committee, Half Believe, Harbor Suspicions, Have Reservations, Head Wind, Holler, Howl, Impose, Impugn, Impugnation, Impugnment, Indent, Indignation Meeting, Inquiring, Insistence, Interpellation, Interrogation, Invitation, Invite, Issue An Ultimatum, Jockey, Kick, Kick Against, Kindle, Knock The Chocks, Lay Before, Lay Claim To, Levy, Levy War On, Make A Demand, Make A Stand, Make War On, March, Meet, Meet Head-On, Meet Squarely, Misgive, Mistrust, Negate, Negation, Negativism, Noncooperation, Nonplus, Nonviolent Protest, Object, Object To, Objection, Obstinacy, Offer Resistance, Open Hostilities, Oppose, Opposing, Opposition, Opposure, Oppugn, Oppugnation, Order, Order Up, Outdare, Outvie, Passive Resistance, Perplex, Picket, Picketing, Place An Order, Place Before, Postulate, Present To, Press Objections, Pretend To, Probing, Problem, Protest, Protest Demonstration, Protestation, Provocation, Provoke, Pumping, Put In Requisition, Put It To, Qualm, Query, Querying, Question, Questioning, Quiz, Quizzing, Raise A Howl, Raise A Question, Rally, Reaction, Rebel Yell, Rebuff, Rebut, Rebutment, Rebuttal, Recalcitrance, Recalcitrancy, Recalcitrate, Recalcitration, Refractoriness, Refusal, Reject, Rejection, Reluct, Reluctance, Remonstrance, Remonstrate, Remonstration, Renitence, Renitency, Repellence, Repellency, Repulse, Repulsion, Require, Requisition, Resistance, Revolt, Rival, Rouse, Ruin, Sabotage, Scotch, Scream Defiance, Screw, Scruple, Seeking, Set Before, Show Fight, Sit In, Sit-In, Smell A Rat, Solicit, Spike, Spoil, Squawk, Stand, Stand At Bay, Stand Up Against, Stand Up To, Standing Against, Stare Down, State A Grievance, Stem, Stimulation, Stir, Stonewall, Strike, Strive, Strive Against, Struggle, Stump, Summon, Summons, Suspect, Take Exception To, Teach In, Teach-In, Test, Test One Another, Throw Doubt Upon, Thwart, Traversal, Traverse, Treat With Reserve, Trial, Try, Ultimatum, Uncooperativeness, Undercurrent, Upset, Venture, Vie, Vie With, Wake, Waken, War Cry, War Whoop, Warn, Whet, Withstand, Withstanding, Yell Bloody Murder