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Champion A Per Se, Maecenas, Olympic Medal Winner, Abettor, Ace, Admirer, Advocate, Aficionado, Allege In Support, Alter Ego, Alternate, Amicus Curiae, Angel, Answer, Apologete, Apologist, Apologizer, Arch, Argue For, Arm, Armor, Assert, Attorney, Award Winner, Back, Back Up, Backer, Backstop, Backup, Backup Man, Bang-Up, Banner, Battle, Best, Bless, Blue-Ribbon, Boss, Buff, Campaigner, Capital, Cardinal, Central, Champ, Chief, Choice, Chosen, Cloak, Combatant, Commander, Compass About, Conquering Hero, Conqueror, Conquistador, Contend, Contend For, Copyright, Counter, Cover, Cream, Crowning, Cushion, Dandy, Dean, Defeater, Defend, Defender, Dependence, Deputy, Distinguished, Dominant, Dummy, Easy Winner, Elect, Elite, Encourager, Endorser, Ensure, Espouse, Executive Officer, Exponent, Expounder, Fan, Fat, Favorer, Fence, Fend, Fight For, Fighter, Figurehead, First, Flank, Flower, Focal, For The Best, Foremost, Forward, Friend At Court, Fugleman, Genius, Get Behind, Get In Behind, Great, Greatest, Guarantee, Guard, Guard Against, Guardian, Handpicked, Harbor, Haven, Head, Headmost, Hegemonic, Hero, Higher-Up, Illustrious, Insure, Justifier, Keep, Keep From Harm, Laureate, Leader, Leading, Lieutenant, Locum, Locum Tenens, Lover, Magisterial, Main, Mainstay, Maintain, Maintainer, Make A Plea, Make Safe, Master, Matchless, Medalist, Nestle, Nonesuch, Nonpareil, Optimal, Optimum, Outstanding, Overruling, Paladin, Pancratiast, Paragon, Paramount, Paranymph, Partisan, Patent, Patron, Patroness, Peerless, Pick, Picked, Pillar, Pinch Hitter, Plead For, Pleader, Police, Predominant, Preeminent, Premier, Preponderant, Prevailing, Primal, Primary, Prime, Principal, Prize, Prizeman, Prizetaker, Prizewinner, Procurator, Prodigy, Promote, Promoter, Proponent, Protagonist, Protect, Protector, Protectress, Proxy, Queen, Quintessence, Quintessential, Ranking, Rebut, Refute, Register, Reliance, Reply, Representative, Respond, Ride Shotgun For, Riposte, Rock, Ruler, Ruling, Run Interference For, Runner-Up, Safeguard, Safekeeper, Say In Defense, Screen, Second, Second In Command, Secondary, Seconder, Sectary, Secure, Select, Senior, Shelter, Shield, Shoo-In, Shroud, Side With, Sider, Sovereign, Speak For, Speak Up For, Splendid, Sponsor, Stalwart, Stand Back Of, Stand Behind, Stand By, Stand Up For, Stand-In, Standby, Star, Stellar, Stick By, Stick Up For, Subduer, Subjugator, Substitute, Successful Advocate, Supereminent, Superior, Superlative, Superman, Superstar, Support, Supporter, Supreme, Sure Winner, Surpassing, Surrogate, Sustain, Sustainer, Sympathizer, Take Sides With, The Best, The Best Ever, The Greatest, The Most, The Tops, The Very Best, Top Dog, Top-Notch, Topflight, Tower, Tower Of Strength, Triumpher, Understudy, Underwrite, Unmatchable, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unsurpassed, Uphold, Upholder, Urge Reasons For, Utility Man, Vanquisher, Very Best, Veteran, Vicar, Vicar General, Vice, Vicegerent, Victor, Vindicator, Virtuoso, Votary, Warrior, Well-Wisher, Whitewasher, Winner, World Champion, World-Record Holder