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Character Adamite, Altmann Theory, Dna, De Vries Theory, Galtonian Theory, Mendelianism, Mendelism, Rna, Roscius, Vip, Verworn Theory, Weismann Theory, Weismannism, Wiesner Theory, Abnormal, Accent, Accent Mark, Acclaim, Actor, Actress, Advocacy, Advocating, Advocation, Affection, Alien, Allele, Allelomorph, Alphabet, Alphabetic Character, Alphabetize, Animus, Antagonist, Antihero, Aptitude, Arbitrary, Aroma, Arrowhead, Assured Probity, Attribute, Atypical, Autolithograph, Bad Guy, Badge, Banner, Bar, Barnstormer, Bastard, Bat, Be A Printmaker, Being, Bent, Bias, Big Shot, Big-Timer, Bigwig, Binary Digit, Bird, Birth, Birthmark, Bit, Bit Part, Blamelessness, Blood, Body, Body-Build, Brand, Breed, Bring To Life, Bugger, Cachet, Cameo, Cancel, Capacity, Capitalize, Card, Carve, Case, Cast, Cat, Catalog, Cataloging, Catch A Likeness, Celebrity, Certificate Of Character, Chap, Character Actor, Character Man, Character Reference, Character Sketch, Character Woman, Characteristic, Characteristics, Characterization, Characterize, Chart, Chief, Child Actor, Chisel, Chromatid, Chromatin, Chromosome, Cipher, Clan, Cleanness, Clothing, Color, Complexion, Composition, Condition, Configuration, Constituents, Constitution, Courage, Cove, Crackpot, Crank, Crasis, Crease, Creature, Credential, Cribble, Crosshatch, Cue, Cuneiform, Customer, Custos, Cut, Decency, Delineate, Delineation, Demotic Character, Denomination, Depict, Depiction, Describe, Description, Designation, Details, Determinant, Determinative, Determiner, Device, Dharma, Diagram, Diathesis, Differentia, Differential, Digit, Dignitary, Direct, Diseur, Diseuse, Disposition, Distinction, Distinctive Feature, Dot, Dramatizer, Draw, Duck, Duty, Earmark, Earthling, Eccentric, Eccentricity, Eclat, Emblem, Eminence, Enchase, Endowment, Engrave, Erectness, Erratic, Estimableness, Ethos, Eugenics, Evocation, Evoke, Expected, Express, Expression Mark, Factor, Fairness, Fame, Famousness, Fanatic, Fat Part, Feather, Feature, Feeder, Feller, Fellow, Fermata, Fiber, Figure, Fitting, Flake, Flavor, Foil, Footing, Form, Frame, Freak, Function, Furrow, Gene, Genesiology, Genetic Code, Genetics, Genius, Genre, Genus, Give Words To, Glory, Good Character, Goodness, Grain, Grammalogue, Graph, Grapheme, Graphic Account, Grave, Groove, Groundling, Gust, Guy, Habit, Hallmark, Hand, Hatch, Head, Heavy, Hereditability, Heredity, Heritability, Heritage, Hermit, Hero, Heroine, Hieratic Symbol, Hieroglyph, Hieroglyphic, Hieroglyphics, High Ideals, High Principles, High-Mindedness, Hiragana, Histrio, Histrion, Hit Off, Hobo, Hold, Homo, Honesty, Honor, Honorableness, Hue, Human, Human Being, Humor, Humors, Ideogram, Ideograph, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Ilk, Image, Imagery, Immaculacy, Impress, Impression, In Character, In Keeping, Inborn Capacity, Incise, Inclination, Index, Indicant, Indicator, Individual, Individualism, Individuality, Ingenue, Inheritability, Inheritance, Initial, Inscribe, Insignia, Integrity, Intellect, Intelligence, Irreproachability, Irreproachableness, Itemization, Jasper, Job, Joker, Justice, Justness, Juvenile, Kana, Katakana, Key Signature, Keynote, Kidney, Kin, Kind, Kook, Kudos, Label, Lad, Lead, Lead Role, Leading Lady, Leading Man, Leading Woman, Leaning, Letter, Letter Of Introduction, Lexigraphic Character, Life, Ligature, Limn, Limning, Line, Lineaments, Lines, Lithograph, Living Soul, Logogram, Logograph, Lone Wolf, Loner, Loony, Lot, Make, Make Prints, Makeup, Man, Manner, Mannerism, Map, Mark, Marking, Matinee Idol, Matrocliny, Maverick, Measure, Mental Set, Meshuggenah, Metronomic Mark, Mettle, Mime, Mimer, Mimic, Mind, Mind-Set, Mold, Monogram, Monologist, Moral Excellence, Moral Strength, Morality, Mortal, Mummer, Nabob, Name, Natural, Nature, Nobility, Nonconformist, Normal, Nose, Notability, Notate, Notation, Note, Notoriety, Notoriousness, Number, Numeral, Numero, Nut, Odd Fellow, Oddball, Oddity, Odor, Office, Ogham, One, Original, Out Of Character, Outline, Outsider, Paint, Pantomime, Pantomimist, Pariah, Part, Particularity, Particularization, Party, Patrocliny, Patronage, Pause, Peculiar, Peculiarity, Person, Personage, Personality, Persuasion, Pharmacogenetics, Phonetic, Phonetic Character, Phonetic Symbol, Photograph, Phylum, Physique, Pictogram, Pictograph, Pictographic Character, Picture, Picturize, Piece, Place, Playactor, Player, Point, Popularity, Portrait, Portraiture, Portray, Portrayal, Position, Predilection, Predisposition, Preference, Presa, Principles, Print, Probity, Proclivity, Profile, Propensity, Proper, Property, Protagonist, Protean Actor, Province, Publicity, Pureness, Purity, Quality, Queer Duck, Queer Fish, Queer Specimen, Quirk, Quiz, Race, Radical, Rank, Rara Avis, Recessive Character, Reciter, Reclame, Recluse, Recognition, Recommend, Recommendation, Rectitude, Reference, Register, Relation, Render, Rendering, Rendition, Renown, Replication, Report, Represent, Representation, Representative, Reputability, Reputation, Repute, Resolution, Respectability, Righteousness, Role, Rub, Rune, Savor, Schematize, Score, Scrape, Scratch, Screwball, Sculpture, Seal, Segno, Set, Set Forth, Shape, Shorthand, Side, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signature, Single, Singularity, Situation, Sketch, Slant, Slur, Smack, Solitary, Somatotype, Somebody, Someone, Sort, Soubrette, Soul, Specialty, Species, Specification, Spirit, Spook, Stage Performer, Stage Player, Stainlessness, Stamp, Standing, State, Station, Status, Stipple, Stooge, Straight Man, Straight Part, Strain, Strange Duck, Streak, Stripe, Stroller, Strolling Player, Stud, Style, Suchness, Suitable, Supporting Character, Supporting Role, Sure Sign, Swell, Syllabic, Symbol, Symbolize, Symptom, System, Taint, Take A Rubbing, Tang, Taste, Telltale Sign, Tellurian, Temper, Temperament, Tempo Mark, Tendency, Tenor, Terran, Testimonial, The Bubble Reputation, The Like Of, The Likes Of, Theatrical, Thespian, Tie, Time Signature, Title Role, Token, Tone, Tool, Trace, Trace Out, Trace Over, Trait, Tramp, Transcribe, Transliterate, Tribe, Trick, Trouper, Turn, Turn Of Mind, Twist, Type, Typical, Uncharacteristic, Unexpected, Unfitting, Unimpeachability, Unimpeachableness, Uniqueness, Unspottedness, Untypical, Uprightness, Upstandingness, Utility Man, Variety, Vein, Vignette, Villain, Vinculum, Virtue, Virtuousness, Vivid Description, Vogue, Voucher, Walk-On, Walking Part, Warp, Way, Wedge, Weirdo, Word Letter, Word Painting, Worldling, Worthiness, Write, Writing, Written Character, Zealot, Zombie