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Witless A Stranger To, Abnormal, Apish, Asinine, Asleep, Batty, Bedlamite, Befooled, Beguiled, Bereft Of Reason, Besotted, Blind To, Brainless, Brainsick, Buffoonish, Caught Napping, Cockeyed, Crackbrained, Cracked, Crazed, Crazy, Credulous, Daffy, Daft, Dazed, Dead To, Deaf To, Deluded, Demented, Deprived Of Reason, Deranged, Disoriented, Distraught, Dizzy, Doting, Dumb, Empty-Headed, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Featherbrained, Featherheaded, Flaky, Flighty, Fluttery, Fond, Fool, Foolheaded, Foolish, Frivolous, Fuddled, Futile, Gaga, Giddy, Giddy-Brained, Giddy-Headed, Giddy-Pated, Giddy-Witted, Goofy, Gulled, Hallucinated, Harebrain, Harebrained, Headless, Idiotic, Ignorant, Ill-Advised, Ill-Considered, Ill-Contrived, Ill-Devised, Ill-Gauged, Ill-Judged, Imbecile, Impercipient, Impolitic, Imprudent, In Ignorance Of, Inadvisable, Inane, Incognizant, Inconsiderate, Indiscreet, Inept, Inexpedient, Infatuated, Injudicious, Insane, Insensate, Insensible, Insensible To, Irrational, Kooky, Lackbrained, Lean-Minded, Lean-Witted, Loco, Loony, Lunatic, Mad, Maddened, Manic, Maudlin, Mazed, Mental, Mentally Deficient, Meshuggah, Mindless, Misadvised, Misguided, Moon-Struck, Moronic, Myopic, Napping, Nitwitted, Non Compos, Non Compos Mentis, Nonconceiving, Not All There, Not Bright, Not Right, Not With It, Nutty, Odd, Of Little Brain, Of Unsound Mind, Off, Out Of It, Pea-Brained, Pin-Brained, Psycho, Queer, Rattlebrained, Rattleheaded, Rattlepated, Reasonless, Reckless, Sappy, Scatterbrained, Scramblebrained, Screwy, Senseless, Sentimental, Shatterbrained, Shortsighted, Sick, Silly, Slackminded, Slackwitted, Stark-Mad, Stark-Staring Mad, Strange, Stupid, Tetched, Thoughtless, Touched, Unadvised, Unaware, Unaware Of, Unbalanced, Unconscious, Unconscious Of, Unconsidered, Undiscerning, Unforeseeing, Ungifted, Unhearing, Unhinged, Uninsightful, Unintellectual, Unintelligent, Unknowing, Unmindful, Unmindful Of, Unperceiving, Unprehensive, Unrealizing, Unreasonable, Unreasoning, Unreflecting, Unreflective, Unsane, Unseeing, Unsensible, Unsettled, Unsound, Unsuspecting, Untalented, Unthinking, Unthoughtful, Unwise, Unwitting, Unwitty, Wacky, Wandering, Weak-Minded, Wet