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Wonder Admiration, Agonize Over, Amaze, Amazement, Assailability, Astonishing Thing, Astonishment, Awe, Be Amazed, Be Astonished, Be At Sea, Be Innocent Of, Be Uncertain, Beat About, Bewilderment, Concern, Coquet With, Curiosity, Cynosure, Dabble, Doubt, Dubiety, Enchantment, Exception, Fantasy, Fear, Feel Unsure, Ferlie, First-Rater, Flounder, Gape, Gawk, Gaze, Gazingstock, Genius, Give Up, Grope, Have No Idea, Incertitude, Know A Little, Know Not, Know Not What, Know Nothing Of, Leading Light, Luminary, Marvel, Marveling, Marvelment, Miracle, Mistrust, Nonesuch, Not Know, Not Rightly Know, Pass, Perplexity, Phenomenon, Portent, Prodigy, Puzzle Over, Puzzlement, Question, Quite A Thing, Rarity, Reverence, Scratch The Surface, Sensation, Shock, Sight, Sign, Skepticism, Smatter, Something Else, Spectacle, Stand Aghast, Star, Stare, Stare Openmouthed, Stunner, Superstar, Suspicion, Thrash About, Topnotcher, Toy With, Virtuoso, Vulnerability, Wonder Whether, Wonderful Thing, Wonderment, Wonderwork, Wot Not Of