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Synonym Of The Day: Stuck
Stuck Addled, Adhering, Agglutinate, Aground, Anchored, At A Loss, At A Nonplus, At A Stand, At A Standstill, At An Impasse, Baffled, Bamboozled, Beat, Bewildered, Bonded, Buffaloed, Castaway, Caught, Cemented, Chained, Cleaving, Clinging, Close, Coherent, Cohering, Cohesive, Confounded, Dazed, Fast, Fastened, Firm, Fixed, Floored, Foundered, Fuddled, Glued, Grounded, Held, High And Dry, Holding Together, Impacted, In A Dilemma, In Suspense, Inextricable, Jammed, Licked, Marooned, Moored, Muddled, Mystified, Nonplussed, On Tenterhooks, On The Rocks, Packed, Perplexed, Puzzled, Secure, Set, Set Fast, Shipwrecked, Sticking, Stranded, Stuck Fast, Stumped, Swamped, Taped, Tethered, Thrown, Tied, Tight, Transfixed, Wedged, Wrecked
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