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Bob Carling Float, T Square, Abbreviate, Abridge, Abscind, Abstract, Accost, Address, Amputate, Angle, Annihilate, Bait The Hook, Balsa, Balsa Raft, Ban, Bar, Barber, Bawbee, Bend, Bend The Knee, Bend The Neck, Bending The Knee, Bis, Bob A Curtsy, Bob Down, Bobble, Boil Down, Boom, Bounce, Bow, Bow And Scrape, Bow Down, Bow The Head, Bowing And Scraping, Bump, Buoy, Burden, Caper, Capriole, Capsulize, Caracole, Careen, Cavort, Chant, Chatter, Chorus, Clam, Clip, Coggle, Coif, Coiffure, Compress, Condense, Conk, Contract, Cork, Crop, Crouch, Crown, Cull, Curtail, Curtsy, Curvet, Cut, Cut A Dido, Cut Away, Cut Back, Cut Capers, Cut Down, Cut Off, Cut Off Short, Cut Out, Cut Short, Dangle, Dap, Dib, Dibble, Didder, Dipping The Colors, Dither, Ditto, Dock, Dollar, Drive, Duck, Elide, Eliminate, Embrace, Enucleate, Epitomize, Eradicate, Except, Excise, Exclude, Extinguish, Extirpate, Fall Down Before, Falter, Farthing, Fish, Fiver, Flick, Flip, Flirt, Float, Florin, Flounce, Fluctuate, Flutter, Fly-Fish, Foreshorten, Fourpence, Fourpenny, Frisk, Gambado, Gambol, Genuflect, Genuflection, Gig, Go Fishing, Greeting, Grig, Grimace, Groat, Guddle, Guinea, Hail, Half Crown, Half Dollar, Halfpenny, Hand-Clasp, Handshake, Have An Ague, Hello, Hitch, Homage, How-Do-You-Do, Hug, Hustle, Inclination, Isolate, Jack, Jacklight, Jactitate, Jar, Jerk, Jig, Jigget, Jiggle, Jog, Joggle, Jolt, Jostle, Jounce, Jump, Jump About, Kiss, Kneel, Kneeling, Knock, Knock Off, Kowtow, Lead, Librate, Life Buoy, Life Preserver, Life Raft, Lop, Lurch, Mag, Make A Leg, Make A Reverence, Make Obeisance, Making A Leg, Meg, Mite, Monkey, Mow, Mutilate, Net, New Pence, Nip, Nod, Np, Nutate, Obeisance, Obsequiousness, Oscillate, P, Pare, Peel, Pence, Pendulate, Penny, Pick Out, Pitch, Pluck, Plumb, Plumb Bob, Plumb Line, Plumb Rule, Plummet, Poll, Pollard, Pompadour, Pontoon, Pony, Pound, Prance, Presenting Arms, Process, Prostration, Prune, Quake, Quaver, Quid, Quiver, Raft, Ramp, Rap, Reap, Recap, Recapitulate, Reduce, Reel, Refrain, Repeat, Repetend, Resonate, Retrench, Reverence, Rictus, Ritornello, Rock, Roll, Romp, Root Out, Rule Out, Salaam, Salutation, Salute, Sandbag, Scrape, Seine, Servility, Set Apart, Set Aside, Set Square, Shake, Shave, Shear, Shilling, Shingle, Shiver, Shock, Shorten, Shrimp, Shudder, Sinker, Sixpence, Skip, Smile, Smile Of Recognition, Snatch, Snub, Spin, Square, Squat, Stamp Out, Standing At Attention, Start, Still-Fish, Stoop, Strike Off, Strip, Strip Off, Stunt, Submission, Submissiveness, Sudden Pull, Sum Up, Summarize, Supination, Surfboard, Swag, Sway, Swing, Synopsize, Take In, Take Off, Take Out, Telescope, Tenner, Threepence, Threepenny Bit, Thrippence, Tic, Torch, Toss, Trawl, Tremble, Tremor, Trim, Trip, Troll, Truncate, Try Square, Tunk, Tuppence, Tweak, Twitch, Twitter, Twopence, Undersong, Vacillate, Vibrate, Wag, Waggle, Wave, Waver, Weight, Whale, Wipe Out, Wobble, Wrench, Yank, Yerk