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Cruise Aeroplane, Airlift, Airplane, Balloon, Be Airborne, Boat, Campaign, Canoe, Carry Sail, Circumnavigate, Coast, Course, Cross, Crossing, Drift, Fare, Ferry, Flit, Fly, Glide, Globe-Trot, Go Abroad, Go By Ship, Go On Safari, Go On Shipboard, Go Overseas, Go To Sea, Hit The Trail, Hop, Hover, Hydroplane, Jaunt, Jet, Journey, Leg, Make A Journey, Make A Passage, Make A Pilgrimage, Make A Trip, Motorboat, Navigate, Ocean Trip, Passage, Peregrinate, Pilgrim, Pilgrimage, Ply, Range The World, Row, Rubberneck, Run, Sail, Sail Round, Sail The Sea, Sailplane, Scull, Sea Trip, Seafare, Seaplane, Shakedown Cruise, Sight-See, Soar, Steam, Steamboat, Take A Trip, Take A Voyage, Take The Air, Take The Road, Take Wing, Tour, Travel, Traverse, Trek, Volplane, Voyage, Wayfare, Wing, Yacht